Jeans, tee and sneaks. The classic combo and also my go-to combo.

ESPECIALLY if your jeans are as comfortable as your mom’s couch and hugs you like your boyfriend should. Like mine (from Zara) does. For my look and my body, I like a jean with a higher waist, straight leg and not really stretchy – I like it more like a boy’s jean material (not a fan of the jegging).

So this was obviously what I wore to spend a full day in front of my computer. But, you know, shit happens and Pierre and I had to drive about 50 km just to find some cell signal. Crazy to think that in today’s world some people (us) still struggle without signal! Well, long story short: We are on my parents farm for a while and there was this insane storm a few weeks ago which literally blew over a whole cell tower! There will be no signal in our area for 6 MONTHS! Crazy right?

Luckily we have satellite wifi, so we can work. But sometimes you just have to make an old fashioned phone call.

Like to the bank.

Who you can’t WhatsApp.

So, since we had to drive a while to make a phone call under a tree. We thought to make it worth our while. I packed us a nice, big pot of coffee and we had a picnic on the hood.

I actually had such a nice afternoon. Getting out into the fresh air and waving to confused passers by.

I wouldn’t have been really comfortable in a tight skinny or a dress or something silly. So I was so happy to be wearing my super comfy jeans (I see they call it mom fit – see / shop them here) and I don’t know if it’s mine or my brother’s or mom’s shirt. I also haven’t worn my New Balance sneakers in a while, so I completed my mom jeans with my dad sneakers. And some cool socks from Cotton On.

It’s really my outfit on the reg. It’s just never been on the blog. But, I thought it’s nice to show some normal stuff as well.

Most of the time I want extraordinary, but sometimes normal is nice. Comfortable. Home.

Andy B xx



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