Hey guys,

I screenshot things. Pretty things, practical things, inspirational things, words, books to read, people’s stories…you name it.

I would love to share my favourite ones with you, so here they are: I’ll start with probably my favourite photo of all time.

Young Jenny. Circa FRIENDS era. Absolutely in fricken love. 

This beautiful sheer top and loose denim is my dream combo. How incredible are those puffed sleeves?

If there were ever to be the perfect pair of boots… They are Dior, by the way.

Just bought this book on Takealot. Holiday Reading SORTED.

Me one day.

This photo seems like the definition of freedom.

Another of my fave Instagram accounts (Pepa Mack). The bloody perfect combo of baggy tee and blazer, with feminine details. Ugh. Damn it’s so good.

DREAM bedroom! So into plants at the moment. (Just the look and feel of them, I don’t really love gardening, Pierre gives them water)

The gorgeous Caro Daur. She does every single thing right.

I can’t wait for summer holidays! Beach, sunshine, the ocean! though, if this was me, I would probably only get my mouth and eyes full of sand…

Kirsty Godso posted this of her friend’s time during the New York Marathon. For some reason this story made me super emotional. I just thought how powerful and strong Lydia must have felt with that incredible time! I cannot imagine how fast her legs were going and how she must have pep talked herself through the tough miles. It’s just incredible to run this time for a marathon. Hell, it’s incredible just to finish a marathon. This screenshot is the reason I got off my butt and ran a half marathon last weekend. 

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that triggers the desire for greatness.

OCHO System (Joe Holder) is the guy who trained Angels like Georgia Fowler, Sara Sampaio and Bella Hadid. I never knew where the “Ocho” came from (at first I thought it’s his name), but then he posted this after running the NY Marathon himself. Now it makes sense. I just love what he stands for through his training.

My future haircut (hint). Watch this space.

I just love that concept of “taking out the trash” – leaving space in the mind for creativity and positivity. I really should start doing this. My brain’s kind of full!

Gigi again. Seriously in love with the oversized blazer look!

#truth. Dress for who you want to be. 

Love, Andy xxx


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