When I start writing a post, I usually list whatever I like to say, just to get it out of my mind and onto the page. Then I would format everything nicely into a story and try to be a little funny. Today I kind of like this list thing and I am going to leave it just the way it is.

Also, it’s easier to read, since we are all a little lazy to read (admit it).

So, ja. Here they are: 8 things about today.

1. Sometimes taking inspiration from your pre school hairstyle pays off. Today I wore a side parting with a zillion knippies. And a bottle of hairspray. Loved the effect and had no hair in my face al day. Win-win. Try it. You’ll love it.

2. I found some awesome tortoise shell hoop earrings with gold detail at Country Road. Saw the, Bought them. Put them on immediately. You’ll see me with them all summer. Just letting you know.

3. My mom was nervous taking some pics for me (Pierre normally helps me, but he’s in Cape Town), she was more nervous than I was shy. I am slowly getting used to the camera. My heart still beats out of my chest when I need to take photos for the blog. #rookie #newbie

4. My pants are 2 years old (from H&M). They fit me for the first time in more than a year. Guess the running is paying off 🙂

5. I take VERY long to decide what to eat. But, the hard work pays off. Like it did with ordering the ceviche at Pappas in Sandton Square. See their menu here.


6. Except when I hear the sound of those old school ice cream vans – then I’m just damn excited. Always vanilla ice cream in a cone. You’ll see I wasn’t joking about being excited when you see the 3rd pic…

7. I have been out the city for way too long. I am not used to so many people anymore haha! I guess I’ll get used to it. Only 2 more weeks before moving all my stuff down to Cape Town! Excited doesn’t even describe it.

8. I loved the responses on my Insta stories the other day. So maybe there will be more of: my style, local girls, lifestyle, fitness, fashion on a budget, maybe even food? Who knows. Not me. I guess I’ll try it out.

Love y’all.

Andy xx


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