Yep. Curly hair = back on the farm. I most certainly didn’t wear these clothes all day. I mean, I am on the farm… and it would be kind of impractical (only because is damn hot – I would actually totally do it). BUT I am one of those people who have to wear something as soon as I buy it. The fact that these pants and shirt has been in my cupboard for 2 days without being taken for a spin is completely out of the ordinary.

So I asked my mom to help me with some photo’s for the blog. I have little less than a week left here before leaving for the city, and just want to get as many photo’s as possible from this part of my life. These rock walls were built by my great-grandfather. With his hands. For his pigs and his cattle. And now I use it for a fashion blog.

With my dogs crashing the party like they always do. I don’t mind though.

I would have loved to wear actual Birkenstocks, but I only have these rubbery ones that I bought from Cotton on when I was on a crazy tight budget. They did the job well, they are more comfortable than you can imagine, but obv the real deal would have been my first choice. But, you know, next time.

My necklaces are what I bought in some shop in Ubud, Bali. They used to be gold, but being another budget buy, they turned copper within the first week. I kind of like them this way though. More subtle I guess. The heart necklace is delft and was my mom’s that she got from her gran when she was 9. When I was that age, I used to take it and pretend it was a stethoscope. My mom had high hopes for me to become a doctor. I ended up doing random jobs on random places and writing about my clothes. Same-same. Mom’s still proud of me, though. I guess that’s her job.

My jeans are the coolest thing I have ever owned! It’s these super high waisted, super wide flare cream coloured jeans from H&M. I didn’t even try it on in the shop. I didn’t want to give me the chance to have to put it back on the shelf. I bought it blind and I am almost giddy about them. My shirt is from Zara and is something I would make myself, but I just love the colour. I thing I am a little obsessed with safari colours.

Hope you guys have a great 7th-last-weekend-of-the-year! But who’s counting?

Remember: Life’s a party, dress like it.

Speak again soon! Love xxx Andy Bee


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