The first thing you’ll notice about Mienke (when she is hypothetically walking down the street towards you) is her killer legs. Then, as she gets closer you’ll think “damn, cool style” and then you’ll see her smile and when she get’s talking she’s the sweetest girl. Mienke is originally from Paarl and is now in Cape Town at the film school after completing her Degree in drama at Stellenbosch University. This is definitely not the last you will see of this talented girl. She is going to be doing big things.

I’ve known Mienke since she was in high school (she’s one of my best friends’ sister and we became friends as well) and I’ve always had this “wow, why didn’t I think of that?”-moment when I see her. She is stylish in general, but she always adds some kind of edge to her look. Even if you crop her gorgeous face from a photo, you’ll know it’s Mienke’s clothes. You just will.

Knowing Mienke, she is so true to herself when it comes to her style. She has fun with her clothes and it’s evident if you notice how her style changes from day to day, jumping from being Posh Spice, to being Sporty Spice. haha.

I asked Mienke 4 questions about her style and her answers were just the perfect summary of what I have observed over the years.

If money was no issue and you had shop at one brand for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Mienke: Oh my word, I am a sucker for sport wear fashion, so probably retro Nike or Adidas. 

How would you describe your style?

Mienke: I would say it’s two extremes. Some days I feel like a pink princess with petite dresses and the other days it’s sporty / rockstar kicks and retro clothes. I feel like clothes can make you feel like a different person each day. I wake up in the mornings and I just ask myself who I want to be today.

Who’s closet would you love to inherit? (Anyone on the world)

Mienke: It will have to be between Rihanna and the model Jess Lee Buchanan.

What do you wear when you “have nothing in your closet to wear”.

Mienke: Okay, so let’s say I overslept, skrik wakker and I have to rush to get to class. I would always grab comfortable active tights, a cool crop top and some sneaks. Shamelessly, my go to’s are active wear! Also, every month I have like one set on which I am way too dependant. At the moment it’s my cotton dress shirt and ripped denim shorts. I feel like an island girl who can also do some business in it. 

I really love what Mienke says about how clothes can make you feel like a different person each day. I experience it all the time. That’s probably the thing I love most about fashion. Because, let’s be honest, we all judge a book by it’s cover. So I love the fact that I can have some-one (and myself) believe that I have my  life together by wearing a power suit. Or that I can skateboard when in fact I only trip over them. But, that’s my secret.

Fashion allows us to be who we want. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be one person.

Mark my words, this is not the last you will be hearing from my beautiful friend. She’s going places.

Make sure you follow Mienke on Instagram (find her here).

Till next time my loves.

Andy x


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