I did the best thing this week. You know how sometimes you would compliment some-one on their clothes and they would be like “really? I’m actually so tired of this top/jacket/shoes/whatever it may be, but to me it’s something new, different. I know I have things in my closet that I NEVER wear, but what some-one else might love. So, I went to my friend Ashleigh (the incredibly stylish girl I wrote a whole post on here and who has the most incredible wardrobe you can ever imagine). She has a pile of clothes that she’s not wearing anymore, but which I love. And everything is high quality, good brands and have been looked well after, so basically as good as new!

I bought an amazing sweater, dress and 4 tops for the sam price as what I would have paid for, like, just the dress in the shops. And I didn’t have to rummage through some second hand store’s racks, which is usually overpriced anyway.

So here I am sitting with all these new clothes and I feel like I have scored! and obv I love the fact that Ashleigh can now buy something new (and insanely cool, no doubt) that I can again buy from her in two years haha.

I am the same as my toddler-self who can’t wait to put on her new clothes and just wears everything on the first day. So this top that I am wearing is one I bought from Ashleigh and it’s TopShop. It’s basically a knitted crop and reminds me of something very Chanel-like.

I wore it with my absolute favourite and most-worn wide leg flare jeans from H&M (I know my roommate bought herself a pair on special the other day so it might still be there!), my jacket is Mango and my favourite jacket of all time. Every one should have a camel coat as a staple in their closet, it’s just one of those things that will always be stylish and classy.

I know that the clothes that I wear is often older and not in stores anymore, but I go through all our stores to find something similar for you so you don’t have to! Easy peasy. So just click on the lighter grey words or sentences and you will be taken straight to the item.

I hope I can help you find some cool things through my blog! Just so you know, I don’t get anything from these brands for putting them here, I just want to be a good source of information and inspiration for everyone who reads AndyBeeBlog, so I hope you find a gem every now and then.

That’s all I want xx

Have an amazing week and do something different this weekend. Wether it’s a different workout, visiting new cafĂ©, making a new dish for dinner or not rewatching Friends for the 1000th time, but actually watching Game Of Thrones like the rest of the world (talking to myself here…is it worth it?).

That was just me subtly reminding to get out of your box.

I know I am working to…

Love, Andy


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