Since Pierre and I work from home, we sometimes get a little cabin fever when we have been indoors all day. So it’s pretty common for us to just take a walk around our area at the end of the day. Our area is quite interesting. I mean, we have one of the top restaurants in the city (country?) “Fyn” right across the road from us. And just a round the corner we have the Eastern Food Bazaar (incredible food for cheap, just so BTW). We have cute café’s next to small, Indian electronic shops. The police station across Mavericks (the strip club for those of you who are unfamiliar), which is just down the road from Truth Coffee (the best coffee in the country) which is just down the road from the Kimberley Hotel with one of the oldest bars in town.

This area is just such an interesting mix of old and new, trendy and classic, vegan, nude foods and McDonalds. We love living here. And have not yet even explored everything walking distance from our apartment.

The best thing is (and you are going to hate me for this…):

We don’t get load shedding. EVER. Why? We are right next to the Parliament and the Parliament can obviously not get load shedding? I don’t know…maybe it can. But it just doesn’t. So yes, that makes up for the guy who talks really loudly (screams) about who knows what every afternoon on the sidewalk outside.

Anyway, this was one of those afternoons where we were just out getting some fresh, perfectly clean city air after a long day.

I was wearing this sophisticated-safari-look in the “concrete jungle” of the city. My hat is Billabong which I bought in Bali last year, but you can find it online here. I can’t stop laughing at my tiny, excuse of a ponytail that peaks out from underneath haha.

My earrings are from Country Road and I know I wear them all the time. I wore this leopard print (I love leopard print) strappy top from Zara with a over the knee, pleated, velvet skirt from Mr.Price (in stores now). My skirt I actually swopped with my amazingly fashionable roommate Klara. I got the skirt from her and she got some jean shorts from me. Win-win. I also borrowed her jersey a little. I hope she knew, otherwise she just found out with all of you while reading this haha.

I have linked some similar items below (just click on the lighter grey words):

I am quite surprised how much I liked this skirt as I haven’t worn a longer skirt since my hippie phase in first year. I think I might go with it a little.. I have my eye on a leopard print satin skirt which I want to pair with a big, graphic printed tee.

You’ll probably see it here on the blog soon (hopefully!).

Now, remember not to hate me too much for not ever having load shedding. and also give me a shout if you are in the neighbourhood and need some tips on where to get the anything. But here’s a cheat sheet so far:

Best coffee=Truth or Kleinsky’s, pastries=Kleinsky’s (Their Nutella pastry-thingy at the counter), bagels=NY Bagel on Harrington Str, organic food Nude food on Harrington Str, cheapest gin&tonic=Kimberly hotel has double Tanquery and tonic for R39, best meal for best price=butter chicken at the Eastern Food Bazaar… and there’s more where that info comes from 😉

That’s enough from me for today. Love you.



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