I have to be a very visual person. Something beautiful really warms me up inside. I mean, some-one who really expresses themselves through fashion gives me butterflies. Is that weird? I don’t care.

Please allow me to share some things that was I really loved this past while.

Like this picture of Candice Swanepoel just being a light.

Always such a vibe.

Now ladies (and gents?). Read every word in the notes below and thank me later.

This is something I screenshot from Constantin Papakonstantinou’s Instagram post. Some-one that I follow shared it on their story and (very unlike me) I clicked on it and I was so glad. It is one of the most profound, heartwarming, motivational thing I have ever read.

His caption to the post is:

“Currently on Airplane mode. I read these words in Greek and thought I would take the time to translate them for you. Some of it will resonate and make your day. And that’s enough”.

This is everything. Screenshot it. Print it out. Read it as often as possible.

If this isn’t the ultimate winter outfit. I honestly don’t know what would be. Well, it includes two of my favourite elements: a straw boater hat and a trench coat. Classy. Timeless. My vibe.

How incredibly beautiful is this photo?

This is Marie Fé and Jake Snow. My favourite travel couple. Yes, they have an enviable lifestyle, but I have never felt bad about my life because of their incredible one (for me, this seem to happen with other travel couples).

I just find them to be a calming and positive aspect to my Instagram. They inspire me to work for a beautiful life. and their photos are just incredible. Like I said, I am a visual person…and seeing their positivity about the world really brings joy to my day.

My OG fave, Kirsty Godso, showing us that you can wear a linen boss suit with a cap and look dope AF doing so.

And whose living room is that? Oh wait, it’s a shop (see the swimsuits in the refection of the mirror?). I would literally take my wedding photos there it’s so beautiful.

Elyse Knowles. I am getting me a polaroid camera after seeing this.

Your reminder that you are incredible.

Andy x


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