It seems like the more the merrier is a theme when it comes to jewellery this season.. But, before you get carried away and putting every earring, necklace, ring and charm on your body, just hear me out. Yes, layering your jewellery is a massive hit at the moment, but please babes, choose one TYPE of jewellery to layer at a time. Wearing layered necklaces and putting 4 rings on each hand might become a little much.

Choose one. And go for it.

Leave the rest of your outfit and accessories quite simple.


This is one of those trends that I am just not getting over. Since I saw it last year, I have been literally saved a thousand pictures of it on Pinterest and Instagram. I just want to say that I was way ahead of the trend (ahem, I did this in grade 6, although not as classy. I just wanted to put all my plastic beaded necklaces on at once since I loved them ALL).

The key to knocking this look out of the park is by not being afraid to mix different styles and textures of necklaces. This adds to the charm of it. Mixing pearls with gold, heavier chains with subtle pendant chains. And play with different lengths.

The absolute queens of this look is

Elle Ferguson

This beach babe has mastered the chill, layering gold with sea shells look. While I will have to do another post about her style, she’s the first person who jumped into my mind when I think about this look.

She always combines this layered look with some beachy waves.

Caro Daur

Caro does the layering necklace look in designer-style. Her jewellery choice is more gold, many pendants and a variety of chain types.


As much as I love this layering thing, I have started to love the very simple chain. Especially in gold. I just find it so beautiful to have one or two thin chains around the neck, especially when it peeks out underneath a Tee-Shirt.

Kirsty Godso

I absolutely love how she always has this piece of fine golden chain even if she is working out or wearing (insanely cool, usually Nike) sweats.

Amy Scheepers

This South African girl actually makes her own jewellery. Her brand is called Coast and she makes incredible, fine, gold jewellery. She’s a fashion-lover herself and always has her beautiful chains around her neck. I mean, if I had unlimited access to her jewellery, I would also have it around my neck permanently!


Although I only have one piercing in each ear (I only got them when I was 18!), I kind of envy everyone with multiple piercings because they can do this:

You’ll see this look on some of the biggest names in fashion including Chiara Ferragni, Xenia Adonts (obvs), Miley Cyrus, Britany Xavier, Danielle Bernstein from the We Wore What blog and then also (no surprise) – Caro Daur.


Now don’t try and tell me that this isn’t just insane? I know it’s kind of edgy, but I just find it really beautiful.


This can go either way with stacks of smaller, thinner rings giving a more refined look and then we have multiple, bulky rings giving us hot-gangster-boss vibes. Both of which I am totally onboard with.

The other trend that I have spotted is pinky rings! Specifically like an old school signet ring (the ring that has a kind of flatted top, usually with some letters engraved on the flattened part…)

Again, Xenia Adonts being totally on top of everything cool.


Yes. We are channeling our inner primary-school girl and going full out for knippies! Normal bobby-pins had their season a while ago and now I am obsessed with bigger, bulkier hair clips.

The top three clip designs are tortoise shell, pearls and gemstones. Lettering and words have also made its appearance, although I am not the biggest fan of having “cutie” or or “glam” in my hair, I guess some people so.

I am much more here for the tortoise shell and pearls! So this is totally the time to raid your grandma’s accessories!

And don’t be afraid of volume. Like I said, the more the merrier. And mixing different designs and styles will elevate your style-cred to the thousands.

We can learn from these babes:

Sincerely Jules One of the first bloggers that I saw doing the hair-clip thing. Her style is more stars and jewels, but just-too-cool nonetheless.

Raya RossiSouth African beauty with the most laidback, linen-style. It’s no surprise that she is also a fan of the tortoise shell and pearl hair clips.

THE BEST: Brittany Xavier

I am pretty sure you can get most of these styles in most shops in SA, But I urge you to go check out some of our local jewellery brands:

Coast (by Amy Scheepers) and XO-the brand.

This last weekend my friends and I went to the Cheese Festival (or as we know it Kaas en Wyn ) and I tried my hand at the layered necklace-trend. I borrowed some gold chains from my roommate and “sister-in-law”, Klara, and added that to my cowrie shell choker from XO-the brand!

I am now on the hunt to find good quality jewellery (that doesn’t lose its colour after a week) that is not too expensive.. I will let you know when I find some and where you can too!

I had way too much fun catching up with all my friends at Kaas en Wyn that I really didn’t take any outfit pics, although I really loved what I wore! Basically just a sheer black maxi dress (with my pajama dress underneath, I don’t have a black slip dress yet!), my boater hat and Superga platforms.

I’ll do a proper outfit post about the dress and how to wear a maxi dress in winter soon!

Hope you guys have an amazing week and enjoy the random public holiday in the middle of the week! #blessed 😉

Love love love,

Andy Bee xxx


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