Last week was what Pierre and I call “Hell Week”. This week starts with our anniversary (3 years this year), peaks with Pierre’s birthday and then closes with Valentine’s Day… Hell? Not for us, but for our bank accounts. I flew down from Johannesburg to George on Tuesday, anticipating (and packing for) the sunny weather the Southern Cape has had the couple of weeks before my arrival. Well, I must have deserved some bad karma somehow because it started raining the minute I set foot in the Southern Cape. We didn’t let that stop us though. I still put…


must have item #1 – the camel coat

I have an absolute style crush on an item – a camel coat. The colour, the texture, its timelessness, ¬†the fact that it adds an element of sophistication to any outfit while keeping a hint of casual flare (you know what I mean). After desiring a camel coat for years, I finally¬†bought one from Topshop at the beginning of this winter. Every morning when I decide on my outfit for the day, I always end up going back to this coat of mine… It has been a constant struggle to not wear it every single day!


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