My name is Andriana Botes, my friends call me Andy, and I had some friends at school call me Annie Bee (Bee coming from ‘B’, the first letter of my surname).
I guess, I just liked the sound of the combination of the two, hence: Andy Bee.
Fashion is something that I have gotten to love (I guess I can call it my big passion…) and this blog is a platform on which I express myself, my style and the tips that I have gathered in my short life.
I don’t know about you, but I literally get butterflies in my stomach when I see some-one wearing an incredible outfit. I want to share these with you too, it’s too good to keep just for myself. So, be prepared to get your daily dose of butterflies and inspiration on my “MUSES” page.
This blog is for girls like me. For the clothes that we want to wear and for the inspiration that we need. From looking at that new Chanel bag (with longing eyes), finding a hidden gem in a thrift store and also finally being able to buy that perfect, hugging-me-in-all the right places Levis jean.
‘Fashion is a way to show who you are without having to speak’ – Rachel Zoe

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