must have item #1 – the camel coat

I have an absolute style crush on an item – a camel coat. The colour, the texture, its timelessness,  the fact that it adds an element of sophistication to any outfit while keeping a hint of casual flare (you know what I mean).

After desiring a camel coat for years, I finally bought one from Topshop at the beginning of this winter. Every morning when I decide on my outfit for the day, I always end up going back to this coat of mine… It has been a constant struggle to not wear it every single day!

The reason why I love this type of coat is because of its versatility. Last week I wore my coat to class in the morning as well as a job interview that afternoon, while being appropriately dressed for both occasions! After class I only applied some lipstick and traded my New Balance sneakers for a pair of ankle boots and I was ready for my interview.

We have all seen and envied the Gigi Hadids and Cara Delevinges of our world for their flawless outfits. I know I have. And I can promise you that one of these timeless coats can make you feel a hell of a lot closer to that. I know that now.

I have added some pictures that I have in my street style board on Pinterest from which I drew the most inspiration.

Have a look and enjoy.

A B x


Pair your coat with all blacks and some killer heals and you have an outfit that will make everyone look at you twice.


This look is perfect for those sunny winter days. With a crisp white button shirt and ripped jeans, you can do no wrong.


This has to be my favourite way of wearing my camel coat. Trade those (amazing) heels for a pair of flats or sneakers and you have super stylish outfit that you can feel comfortable in all day.


The camel coat adds an edge to a classy dress without steeling the attention from the detail of the dress. The dress remains the hero of the outfit, with the coat enhancing it.


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  1. September 15, 2016 / 1:46 am

    Much better-looking with the black dress or pants suit or with jeans that are intact. Camel coats are classy! 🙂 But excellent presentation!

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