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Just a quick post about a brand that I have recently discovered and which I am drawing worlds of inspiration from: SHOWPO.
This brand is young, fun and very feminine and the clothes flattering and down right gorgeous. I stumbled across their page when Pia Muehlenbeck posted a photo of her wearing their clothes on her Instagram account. Since I am a major Pia fan and the outfit was so stunning, I just had to go have a look! I was not disappointed and I have filled my cart to the brim with all the things that I think I really can’t live without!
I have, however, not yet bought anything (student budget problems), but with my new part-time waitress job and some extra cash in my account I will soon be making my first purchase. I will, naturally, blog about it as soon as it arrives!
Go have a look at their online store and their Instagram account. They have the most amazing swimsuits, playsuits, dresses, skirts, shirts, accessories – you name it.
Here is a small glimpse of some of my favourites.
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