best street style of NYFW spring 2017

With the New York Fashion Week being in full swing, I have decided to post my favourite street style looks so far.
I find most of my fashion inspiration in what people wear on a daily – the combination of comfort and class. Fashion is such a part of our everyday lives, a way in which we express our personalities, a channel through which we show who we are, how we feel and how we want the world to see us. I feel that it is such a personal thing and that you can tell so much from a person by the clothes they wear, however subtle it may be.
Fashion week (in this case, New York) has an unspoken, unofficial dress code. It is a week in which the city is taken over by people show casing their love for clothes, shoes and accessories. It is glamorous. It is trendy. It is absolutely inspiring.
When I first decided to write this blog post, I was trying to find some kind of “trend” that I can apply to the street style of NYFW – a colour palette, item, brand, hairstyle… However, I could not find any. Every person personified themselves by the clothes they chose to wear. From subtle nude tones to bright florals, 8-inch Louboutins to Yeezys, lace dresses to over sized t-shirts. All of these worn effortlessly cool.
I wanted to share my favourite street style looks with you today. I will be posting my my thoughts on the shows by the end of the week (hint: Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang…)
Here are the gems I found for this year’s fashion week.
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