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I have been wanting to share this with you for such the long time! This is a post about the ladies that inspire me and essentially drive me to improve. I have so much respect for these bloggers, for the amazing content that they provide us and for their hard work in portraying the life of fashion in a beautiful way.


The Chriselle Factor

Chriselle Lim

As Chriselle Lim has just won the Blog of the Year at the 2016 Bloglovin awards, it obviously means that I am not the only one who is in love with her blog.

I especially love her fashion section in which she covers everything cool an chic, adding effortless class to all of her posts. Her outfits are a constant source of inspiration for me and she is definitely one of the best dressed people in this universe. She also uses flawless photos that are of very high quality, showcasing her outfits with intense detail, but it’s not only her great photos that makes her blog the best. She also writes very well. I feel that she doesn’t ramble on about irrelevant things. She writes to the point

Along with her top-class fashion posts, she has some great beauty and health tips.


Follow her on Instagram (here) – I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Gypsy Lovin Light

 Helen Janneson Bense

This is the blog with the most beautiful visuals.

Although this is a fashion blog, most of Helen’s photos revolve around the ocean. She has the ability to display her clothes and accessories in absolute coherence with her surroundings. The colours complement each other, the flow of her clothes reflect in the flow of the water and her statement accessories stand out against  the calmness of her surroundings.

The clothes in this blog is soft and feminine with the perfect amount of edge. Besides the beautiful clothes on this blog, the photography is my favourite part. Helen takes great care to post high quality photos which will be just as beautiful without her in the foreground.

Style. Travel. Inspiration. Her site has it all.

You can also shop all her looks on her website, which is a big bonus…


Follow her on Instagram (here)


Gary Pepper Girl

 Nicole Warne

I actually moved the piece on this blog from the bottom of the post to here – I felt that I had to make sure you read it! Nicole Warne is such a cool girl. Her blog is filled with her photo’s of her outfits which is always 10 out of 10 and more glam than grit. She never overdoes it and finds the perfect balance between bling and understatement.

Her blog description reads:

Escape into the world of Gary Pepper, a realm of vivid colour and endless possibilities. A fashion, travel and lifestyle brand dedicated to capturing everyday beauty, from the simple to the serene. Life motto? The glass is always half full.

I absolutely feels that she lives up to her promise. Her photo’s and outfits are so beautiful that it can be in every Vogue issue – and I’m not just saying that, I truly think so.

I urge you to follow this girl. Her posts will bring you so much joy and inspiration.


Follow her on Instagram (here)



Debi Flugge

I found Debi on Instagram and for a couple of months only followed her here. I saw a link that she posted on how she became a blogger, clicked on it and was then introduced to her (awesome) blog.

The travel section on the Debiflue blog has me on the verge of leaving everything behind and jumping on a plane at least once a week – this is until I realise that I need money to travel, causing me to organise an extra shift at work every week. Her blogging is mostly about travelling, which I absolutely love and envy, but she has great style as well. Her style is continuously present in all her posts – travel or fashion related.

She has some great posts about her personal style, as well as some industry news and inspiration. She is such a cute girl with tons of energy. I always leave her blog feeling inspired and motivated to work harder to make my blog succeed.


Follow her on Instagram (here)



Janni Deler

Janni Deler is my ultimate.

Her style is flawless.

I would wear every single outfit that I have ever seen her wear. From long, flowing maxi dresses with gorgeous heels to pulling off the short-skirt-with-sneakers look better than anyone else, this girl can do it all.

I love her natural approach to her clothing, make-up and accessories and have tried to copy her many times before (although it worked, I was not living up to the real thing).

I also like the balance she has in her post categories. She does not post an overwhelming amount in one category, but has a great representation of fashion, travel, food, training and beauty posts.

She was recently nominated as Blogger of the Year, establishing the fact that she is a master at what she does.

An absolute icon to me.


Follow her on Instagram (here)


The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni

The coolest chic on the blog.

This Italian beauty is a fashion designer and blogger with her accessories and clothes making frequent appearances on A-list models, actresses and singers.

Her style always gives my a new perspective. She matches items in such a unique way, putting her personal cool-stamp on all her outfits. She is daring in what she wears without going to the extent of becoming weird. She is an absolute natural beauty and knows exactly how to amplify her assets through her clothes and make-up.

(No wonder she has already collaborated with some of the biggest designers in the industry, including Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Mara, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and Steve Madden)

Her blog has a retro feel with neon rainbow colours popping up whenever you hover your mouse over a post (so cool). Her blog is also very informative with tips on fashion, beauty and travel. An absolute joy to read.


Follow her on Instagram (here)


Finding The Finer

Pia Muehlenbeck

I am such a Pia fan. Not only does she have impeccable style, create great content in her blog and social media and a kick-ass active and swimwear range, she is a smart business woman. She has left her job as a lawyer and built such a strong personal brand that can only become more successful.

With Pia’s Instagram being the visual epitome of a style/travel/bucket list inspo page, her blog is taking it to the next level. This is where she writes longer posts about her travels, outfits and beauty tips.

I can spend hours on her blog. It really inspires me.


Follow her on Instagram (here)


Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia E Millen. The beautiful girl with the all-rounder blog. Her blog has such a calm, clean and collected look with beautiful photos anchoring her posts. I specifically like her fashion and beauty posts as she frequently does “how to’s”, from how to style a satin bomber jacket (which I absolutely love) to how to transition your wardrobe for autumn. She also tags all the brands that have the clothes that she is wearing, as well as brands that have similar items.

I find her blog to be very informative and I draw a lot of inspiration from her posts. I feel like she is not bullshitting in any way, reviewing products which she truly believe in and providing advice, tips and inspiration that is very relevant to my interests and my lifestyle.

Lydia, you are doing it right.


Follow her on Instagram (here)


Hello Fashion Blog

Christine Andrew.

Saving the best for last.

The mind behind Hello Fashion Blog is Christine Andrew. She must be the most stylish mom you will ever lay your eyes on.  She displays her strong appreciation towards all aesthetics, she’s created a style that’s entirely her own- pairing classic and edgy, feminine and masculine.

I love the way Christine can pair edgy ankle boots with a frill dress, tie her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head and look like she just stepped out of a magazine. Her style is effortless, but always on point. She can pull off anything, from lace and heels to jeans and sneakers.

The Hello Fashion blog is mostly about the clothes that Christine wears, but she also gives us a peak at her personal life through her “mom life” where she shares more everyday photos. Her family is a big part of her blog, which I adore. She has a beautiful family, making her even more gorgeous than she already is. She shows that you don’t have to spend all day looking for “pristine” locations to shoot photos for a blog – fashion is part of our everyday lives.

The beauty of fashion is the fact that you can express yourself through your clothes every single day.


Follow her on Instagram (here)


I hope you can find as much inspiration and drive from these ladies like I do. These are the people that drive the fashion industry and what makes it so exciting and beautiful.

I hope that I can one day provide the same incredible content to you as they do to me.

I will most definitely work relentlessly to do so.

Today, I would really like to thank everyone who has visited my blog and read what I have to say. You are the greatest.

all my love

A B x



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