Happy Friday!
Yesterday, Pierre and I went to the mall for the first time in a long while. I rarely used to go into Levi’s stores (except with my mom), I don’t know why. I guess it might still be my very student instinct to think that I cannot afford anything there, so I was quite surprised to learn that their jeans’ prices are really not that outrageous. In fact, it is actually affordable. Not cheap, but affordable – especially for the quality you receive.
So, since the prices weren’t scaring me away and I did not have to do my usual look around the store even though I know I cannot afford anything, just so that the shop assistant does not think I’m rude – I actually had a real look around. AND I tried on several of these jeans and, man, are they heaven. I have never had anyone (not even my boyfriend or parents) hug me the way that Levi’s hugged me. I HAD to walk out with a new friend and I already had my eye on one as soon as I walked into the store.
I was so ridiculously excited about these new jeans that I took the tags off, threw the trousers that I started the day with, in my bag and kept the jeans on, just paying and walking out the shop as if I had been wearing them all day.
I swear it wasn’t 7 minutes later after I walked into Zara that I found the coolest denim jacket. “Just try it on” I told myself, and again, I never took it off.
So, I ended my day with a basically completely different outfit as I started, without even going home once haha. I have already planned to wear the exact same thing when I go down to Cape Town next weekend. No shame.
Oh, and I started wearing earrings again after around 5 years of not wearing any. Those things are heavy! But, I am pretty much obsessed with hoops at the moment. See those ones in the photos? I grabbed them 2 seconds before paying for my jacket at Zara. Best impulse buy ever.
No Ragrets
LOVEloveLOVElove ANDYBEE xxxxx


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