Oh VB. The minimalist style queen.
I must say, age does Victoria Beckham so well. She is much more beautiful than ever before. She really is an icon of our times.
One of her favourite and most iconic wardrobe piece has to be a plain white tee shirt. I cannot think of anyone else in the world who can pull off a plain white tee shirt quite like Posh herself. I mean, who else can make this staple as chic as she can?

What we can steal (with our eyes) from Victoria:

  1. Note how the shirts that she chooses looks more like the t shirts you will find in the mens’ department, rather than at the ladies shirts. First of all, it does not shine through in the least and in the fashion age where there is little left to the imagination, this is a welcomed change. The sleaves are a little longer (probably comes halfway between her shoulder and elbow), which she then rolls up. The neck is high and had a thicker collar compared to what ladies t shirts are normally like. The tee is also not taken in at the sides to sit close to our curvy figures, her tee is actually a straight cut. and (NB) not skin tight.
  2. She never wears it as a crop top. Her shirt is always “messily” tucked in to her trousers, with her mid never never showing. Classy.
  3. She pairs her boyish white tee with very feminine trousers and/or shoes and/or accessories. Like salt & caramel, bacon & syrup, this contrasting combination is actually a match made in fashion heaven.

Ladies, just back to point 1. I am going to add two photos below that is definitely not Insta worthy, but clearly isllustrated the point I am trying to make with the ladies’ (left) vs mens’ (right) white shirts:

See? How much more chic is the image on the right?
So, babes, my point is: rather shop at the mens’ department of a cheap store for the ultimate white tee (I buy mine at Mr Price or Pick n Pay). I can vouch that it will last longer and your white-tee-game will take a major step up.
That’s all my wisdom for one day.
Peace and Love
A B xx


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