When one of your best friends in the entire world gets married, I believe you should be  there for every small thing. It’s a little hard when said friend lives on the other side of the country, but I will do my best to be there for every little thing.
So, this was the perfect time to be back in my beloved Cape Town for the first time since February! I didn’t know how much I missed it there until I hopped into my Uber and chatted to Paddington about how green it is and how the traffic sucks on a Friday and how long it’s been since I had been in town and where I had been for the past year and how he often drives celebrities who shoots movies in Cape Town and that Vin Diesel is in town for a movie, but had gone home and will be back next week Monday. Well, not all these things made me realise how much I missed Cape Town, but I just remember feeling so at home.
Back to the subject at hand – The first of these things that we don’t miss, was a very special champage breakfast that Alise (the ridiculously beautiful bride-to-be) had arranged for her four bridesmaids, which includes me. It’s my first time being a friend’s bridesmaid, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I did not think that we would get so spoiled! I thought that’s reserved for the bride! Anyway, I am not complaining, the weather was fantastic and it was one of my favourite days of the year.ANDY BEE BLOG | MIMOSAS ALL DAY 12ANDY BEE BLOG | MIMOSAS ALL DAY 8
I mean, I had calamari and mimosas for breakfast at Hemelhuijs, the most perfect little cafe (see their menu here), and the day just got better from there. Mimosas at La Parada in Bree Street, sipping wine and pizza watching sailboats at The Grand, a quick nap and movie and then had (enter other adjective that mouthwatering) meal and wine at Manna Epicure at the top of Kloof Street (an area that I NEED to explore more).ANDY BEE BLOG | MIMOSAS ALL DAY 17
Since I have not yet gotten used to the fact that I can wear anything my heart desires (instead of my khaki uniform), I was quite excited about what I wore on Saturday. My white shirt is from Country Road and is the only item I have ever bought without looking at the price tag, although I should have. I wore it with my 70’s high waisted flare jeans and platform supergas. A scarf that I stole from my mom and since I am addicted to hoop earrings it’s no surprise that I wore those too. My bag is Polo and I received it as a birthday gift from my boyfriend Pierre.IMG_3779ANDY BEE BLOG | MIMOSAS ALL DAY 4ANDY BEE BLOG | MIMOSAS ALL DAY 16
My friend, Alise, on the other hand looked like a damn goddess in yellow flare pants and a one shoulder black top. I mean, it was her day and everything so she was supposed to look gorgeous, but I mean she looks like this EVERY DAY! She’s going to be the most beautiful bride of all time. I’m probably more excited about her wedding that she is herself haha.ANDY BEE BLOG | MIMOSAS ALL DAY
I mean look at her. If you want to see more, here’s her Instagram
Okay well, I wrote a bit more than I expected haha.
Till next time babe.
Andy B xxx


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