There is so much we can learn from Friends’ Rachel Green. Other than being quite funny and gorgeous, it just seems like she nailed every fashion trend like 20 years early.
I have to admit, I got quite carried away on Pinterest and saved way too many Rachel photos. If some-one who doesn’t know me were to go through my laptop now, I am positive that they would think I have a weird obsession. But seriously, I will be posting about her style a lot more in the future.
Though she had a couple of signature looks (think – her mini skirts, killer boots, good denim jeans, athleasure before athleasure was a thing and even like boyfriend jeans), one that stuck by me was her love for dungarees or ‘overalls’ as I know them.
The photos that I were able to find aren’t super sharp quality, but then again, they were taken on film and that kind of just makes them that much cooler. Here are the best ones I could find:

My favourite is the first and the last photo. Check how in the first photo she the dungaree shorts are oh-so-chic by not being too short (longer shorts are so fashionable these days anyway, just have a look at those bicycle shorts that have taken Fashion World by storm). She just rounds her look off with a blazer and white sneakers.
The last photo seems like she went shopping in her boyfriend’s closet (not Ross, but some other effortlessly stylish beau she should actually be dating). The graphic print tee she wears underneath is refreshing to the plain white tee everyone normally wears. And then how can someone be so cool in such a ugly jacket? haha I would probably not normally wear that jacket, but give me a pair of dungarees and cut my hair in a Rachel-lob and I am sold.
I would love to get me a pair of dungarees, and I have looked for them before, but I just found that it is super hard to find ones that are not overly bedazzled or too tight. I will just keep looking for the perfectly boyfriendish dungarees until I find them and baby, then I will wear them day and night.
Cheers vir eers
Andy Bee xx


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