There were a couple of factors that contributed to us going to Bali in June.
I mean, who would not want to go to Bali? Beautiful beaches, a-ma-zing food, chilled vibe, sunshine, surf, warm water, yoga… but, the factor that reaaaally put Bali on the “where-are-we-going-for-our-leave” list – we don’t need a visa.
As South Africans, we are kind of used to the fact that we need a visa for basically every country on our big blue planet. So, since we were not going to be in the country for 3 months before our trip (still working in Botswana), we weren’t going to have time to apply for any visa. So, Bali it was.
And I have to say, that was such fricken fantastic luck. Bali is the bees knees.
We also got lucky with our accommodation. We somehow ended up in the most beautiful and perfectly located spots!
Like this place, DreamSea Bali . A very hippy, but clean and chic place on the beahc of Uluwatu. I was seriously in love. And permanently taking a nap on a hammock.
Our first day, I just had to wear shorts. It was the first time my legs had seen sun in MONTHS! I did, however try a fake tan earlier that week, so even though I was a little orangish-brownish, it was better than white!
My shorts were from Factorie as well as the white crop. I just love this crop- the comfiest over-sized, tee crop you will ever have. I haven’t seen them again, but I did buy a white mens tee at Cotton On and just cut it short. Voila.IMG_7157
Also, I started the day with my absolute fave platform Supergas (those babies with the twine on the side), but I seriously underestimated the humidity, so my feet were pretty sweaty. Gross, I know. So I just bought me some grey Haviana plakkies and I was good to go.
Just writing this and my nostalgic-meter is in the red.
Well, till next Bali post xxx
Cheers vir eers, A B xx



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