Yup. If I can choose between anything and a jumpsuit… 99,95% of the time, I choose the jumpsuit.
Except when I go shopping. Then a jumpsuit is the WORST! The whole thing off and on again when just trying on the smallest item. And then there’s the dilemma of wanting to try on some shorts and then I have to take a shirt that I don’t want with me into the changing room so that I don’t have to stand outside topless when my fashion advisor (boyfriend) gives the yay or nay. So, no to jumpsuits when shopping (my top tip of the day).
But jumpsuits, on the other hand, is made for travelling! Like for this day where we explored Canggu and did not do any shopping. We did, however, spend way too much time eating and drinking stuff at Deus Ex Machina for burgers and gin, and The Avocado Factory. for well, avocado-everything.
I just throw on a broad-rimmed hat (another of my favourites), a bag and I am good to go for most occasions.
I bought this hat on the first day of our Bali trip and initially I thought I was being stupid because now I had to carry the thing with me the whole trip, but it was well worth it. I just wore it every day that we were travelling and then I don’t have to carry it in my hand or accidentally squash it in my bag. It’s also great for covering up dirty, salty hair that has not been brushed in a good few days.
My new favourite hat is from Billabong and my jumpsuit is from Cotton On. You know where my shoes and bag are from (if you don’t, read my previous two posts). I also started wearing some fine accessories – hoop earrings and fine gold chains around my neck (which with wearing them too much and swimming with them turned like pinkish copperish), but I still dig them.
Short but sweet post. Now you know my about my love for jumpsuits and will be seeing them often on this blog (don’t say I didn’t warn you).
Thanks for reading *mwah*
Andy xxx


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