Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am a sucker for a jumpsuit. I love the way I feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time.
Janni Olsson Deler is one of my all time favourite fashion inspirations. She as a blog with the same name as her where she posts every single day! Her photo’s are great quality (I mean, she has a husband that Vlogs for a living) and just all around fun. It really doesn’t seem like she takes herself too seriously and you can really see her personality shine through in her images on her blog and Instagram.
Overall, her style is very colourful and flowy and she can pull off prints like no-one I have ever seen. I will blog about her style again, but today we will have a look at her jumpsuit style.

You will see that she is not shy to go with a jumpsuit of serious colour or pattern. I love that about her style. A jumpsuit can be kind of “standard”, but just adding some print or colour can really bring you to something spectacular.
Personally, I love the loose-fitting style of jumpsuit, especially with flare bottoms. It just feels beyond classy and as if I can have a margarita at noon. Pair it with a killer pair of shoes and you are set.
Just do yourself a favour and check this cool girl out.
Her: Blog
Her: Instagram.
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