Like I said, I travelled to Bali for two weeks with only a backpack and hand luggage. So it’s no surprise that my outfit details for this particular day was pretty much the same as our first day of travels (which I blogged about here), except my cropped tee was like a khaki green and not white.
But, I mean, I was on holiday.. in Bali.. with a super sexy guy (boyfriend). So who cares that I wore the same thing twice.
My backpack, though, is totally worth blogging about! Its the Bobby backpack in toffee from Freedom of Movement and I always travel with it! It carries everything from my camera and phone to both our towels and swimmers for the beach, a snack or two, waterbottles and probably like a hat as well.
I loved the day that we had and am pretty stoked with some cool photos that pretty accurately represents the day, so I am going to forget that this post is supposed to be a fashion blog post and I am just going to reminisce about the day we drove all around Canggu and all the way to Seminyak with scooters.
Since Pierre (the afore mentioned super sexy guy) and I travelled to Vietnam in 2016, there is nothing we like more than driving round busy cities and beautiful landscapes on semi-dodgy scooters. I don’t know what it is, but if there is a scooter to rent and an incomprehensible maze of streets, we’re hooked.
Like this day. We just started by going to the famous Nalu Bowls for brekkie and good coffee. Seriously, these bowls are better than Coco Pops for breakfast and they keep you full until dinner. I really recommend you try them, they are famous for a reason.ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POSTANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 2ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 9
Then we just drove around all day. Wind in my hair (I refuse to wear a helmet in this fantastic weather – I need to FEEL the sun and wind) and crazy drivers all around me. We ended up finding some very cool places.

  1. We were in this crazy busy street (this was just after I lost Pierre for like 10 minutes between the millions of people, panicked a little since our phones doesn’t work, almost cried and then felt my heart drop when I finally spotted him), and Pierre suddenly, without any indication, swerved onto the sidewalk – me following behind. It was just this tunnel of bamboo! In the middle of the city! Fave discovery #1.ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 4
  2. We went to Finn’s beach club after I read about it and saw it in Instagram. We were blown away with how cool it was and that we could walk in without an entry fee! We parked ourselves on a day bed right on the beach and could not believe our luck. I was happily tanning away for like 2 minutes when a very polite waiter approached us and asked us if we are aware of their policy. No? okay well, we have to open a 2 million Rupiah tab. This is about R2000 and like our total food budget for the WHOLE trip. So, sometimes things really are too good to be true. We swallowed our pride, packed up and scootered out of there.
  3. We had better luck at Coffee Cartel where I had the most amazingly refreshing drink of my entire life. I have never tasted anything like it and also didn’t really expect something this delicious from a drink named “Lady Boy”. But the waiter recommended it and I tried it. Lemongrass, apple and litchi juice. OMW you have to try that combo. I was blown away. The whole vibe at the Coffee Cartel was just cool, and their decor is inspiring. I want my house to look like it one day. Also, we didn’t eat as we were still full from Nalu Bowls even though it was way after lunch time!ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 7ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 12ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 10ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 11
  4. The coolest warehouse-looking store (sorry, I don’t have a name for it). But there was some really cool and different clothes inside, a skateboard swimming pool thing outside, cool music playing which I immediately Shazammed and a puppy. ANDY BEE BLOG | NOT A FASHION POST 3

I think we ate at a local warung that night and but I do know that I went to bed super happy.
Sometimes the random days are the best days. I really loved exploring Canggu and could have spent another month there, but we were leaving for Gili T island the next day. Excited to see another part of the Indonesian islands, but kind of sad to leave such a cool place. We will be back. This time budgeting for Finn’s from the beginning!
Love (and thanks for reading)
Andy B xx


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