Julie Sariñana is the ultimate effortlessly chic-cool girl. She started her blog almost 10 years ago and it’s clear why she has made such a success as a fashion blogger. She is the brain, beauty, talent and hard work behind the blog Sincerely Jules and one of the most stylish people I know of. And I am definitely not alone, her 5mil followers on Instagram think so too!
She’s just cool. Without trying. She has such a relaxed style (like, I will be featuring her beach style in the future), this is one girl whose closet I can literally live in. Don’t get me wrong, she can rock a edgy festival outfit or high end couture or stilettos like no other, but it is her everyday outfits that has me inspired and keep me coming back for more.
One of the combinations that she has worn and proven to be a winner time and time again is the blazer-meets-casual-tee combination. “Technically” (if we were still living in the 40’s), blazers and tee shirts don’t go together. Like blazers are friends with a suit and tee shirts are friends with jeans, sneakers and probably like a scrunchie in your hair. But, like sweet and salt sometimes love each other – a blazer and a tee shirt has a deep and never ending love affair.
I am not sure who does this combo better than my girl, Julie. Check her out:

How perfectly does she make this normally ‘formal’ item? Pretty damn perfect if you ask me.
The best part is you can get severely different vibes from this heavenly tee-and-blazer-combo.
Give me that edgy, rockstar, I-am-am-wearing-my-badass-boyfriend’s-jacket look.The key? The blazer is oversized and there’s a cool, edgy print on the tee shirt and the tee is probably in a darker colour. Add some ripped jeans and statement sneakers and you’re golden.
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For a softer look. A lighter blazer (not necessarily light colour, just light feel). Think a cream, pinstriped, denim, even black which is beautifully fitted. A softer tee shirt or even a buttoned linen shirt, a beautiful bag and this season’s sandal-trend.
blazer and tee outfit 1
Even a western vibe! I mean, who an pull that off? Well, apparently Jules can.
blazer and dress
An expert’s take on wearing that blazer imperfectly perfect:
– Push up those sleeves. Push. Not roll. Your dad might yell at you for messing up your clothes, but fashion will give you the big thumbs up.
– Don’t be afraid to go oversized. Size, in this instance, is your friend. Big shoulders and a hem line that goes beyond the end of your shorts will give you 10/10 for sure.
– Add a belt! Look at that gorgeous blazer, dress, belt combination! This can be done with jeans or with a dress. Both amplify your most beautifully feminine curves, contrasting it with the strong lines and features of the blazer.
Just wow.
I need to do this. I think my dad might have a blazer or two that he’s not wearing and won’t miss if it hypothetically disappeared from his closet. Also, I am his only daughter so he never gets mad at me, regardless.
My wish to you is that you find your ultimate blazer. The one that makes you feel classy, strong, badass, sexy and like a boss all at once.
One more day till weekend!
All my love xxxx AB
PS: All photos are from, Pinterest and @sincerelyjules Instagram


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