I don’t necessarily draw all my inspiration from successful fashion bloggers, designers or celebrities. More often than not, it’s girls I come across through my everyday life that inspire me the most. Obviously through the people that they are, but also through their sense of fashion.
I love seeing how girls like to express themselves through what they wear. This in itself is inspiring to me, but what I love the most is how they combine different brands and styles and old and new and hip and classy. Combining Zara with Mr.Price, Mango with Woolworths, Second hand store treasure with the newest Adidas sneakers. We buy what we can afford, borrow some stuff from our moms or sisters or friends and just make it work.
So, my idea is to feature these girls and what makes them unique. It will be my best friends, friends of friends, a girl I saw on Clifton or found on Instagram. South African girls. Girls like me and you.
Let me start with my number one. One of my best friends in this entire world and one of the most stylish (not to mention gorgeous) people I am lucky enough to know.

Alise Ferreira.

You know you just get these people that can literally wear anything and just look like she walked straight off your Pinterest board. Well, my girl Alise is one of them.
First of all, she has amazing sneaker style. I don’t know how she does it, but even before I am even slightly aware of a new type of sneaker, she has been wearing it. Usually with a beautiful midi dress, flare pants or some other gorgeous piece. And you know what so cool about her – she will still wear some sneakers from way back and rock it like it’s fresh off the shelf.
Though, annoyingly I cannot find good photo’s of her sneakers. I guess I will just make her put them all on when I see her again and then update this post?
GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 1GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 10
She has such a diverse sense of style, but the golden thread through all of it is class.
Class is something Alise has a lot of. What she chooses to wear will always be beautiful. I mean: jeans with a crisp, white button up – perfect. A check skirt and over-the-knee boots – always perfect. Flare pants in a statement colour – you know, perfect. Everything she wears is timeless and will be relevant and stylish in years to come.
GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 6GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 5GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 2GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 8GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 14
And believe me, she’s not scared of trying something new. Like this jean pants in the photo below. How many people do you know who can pull off something so unique? Not to mention who is brave enough to try it and absolutely rock it! To be honest, when I saw this photo for the first time on her Instagram, I was slightly jealous of her sense of style and confidence.
GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 3GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 7
I love that about her. She’s brave and knows exactly who she is and it reflects in her style.
So babes, I will be doing these type of features as a part of my blog in the future. I absolutely loved writing this as I am so inspired by my friend. And I have so many more girls that I can write about and share with you.
How great is it that the people closest to us are the ones that triggers our imagination and inspires us to be more and do more.
Please let me know if you have a friend that inspires you and that would inspire me. I would love to meet more girls who loves fashion as much as I do.
On a seriously high note…it’s Friday!
On a seriously scary note…we only have 11 more left Fridays in this year. Wasn’t it like just Valentines day?
I would like to leave you with this quote I shared on my Instagram a couple of days ago. I just love it so much:

“Normality is a paved road; 

It’s comfortable to walk,

but no flowers grow”

– Vincent van Gogh –

Now, go be extraordinary.
All my love, Andy B xxx
PS: This is my total weekend mood:
GIRLS LIKE US | ALISE | andybeeblog 11



  1. Carol-Ann Lamberio
    October 23, 2018 / 12:26 pm

    Andriana, love die en ja Alise en haar Ma is baie special. Well done!!!!

    • October 23, 2018 / 1:13 pm

      Dankie Carol-Ann! Jis daai twee is net besonders. So lief vir hulle! Baie dankie vir jou goeie terugvoer 🙂 ek waardeer dit baie!

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