Alexa Chung has to be one of the most well known fashion influencers/-models/-designers/-names in the world. Known for her cool-chic style that showcases her personality, brands fall over their feet to work with her. I really like her too. It doesn’t seem like she’s too fazed about what everyone else is doing. She just does her own shit. And we love her for that.
There’s one thing that we all know about Alexa. That is her love for denim. And she does denim right.
Jean trends go through phases every year. Think bell bottom jeans in the 2000’s, baggy hipster jeans after that, realllly bedazzled jeans, super skinny jeans a couple of years ago,  jeggings, followed by boyfriend jeans, then mom jeans, then flares. Jeans are a staple in our closets and the style of jean changes with the season. There are, however, some styles that will always stay stylish and relevant.
Although Alexa is always on top of any trend, her jean style remains pretty consistent. She sticks to a skinny, straight leg or, her favourite, kick flare (this is the “mini flare” that sits kind of high above your ankles). She loves the 60’s style of denim and once said that she wished designs stopped at 1967!

There is a lot we can learn from this cool girl, but from her denim style we can learn book fulls.
Note how she keeps it simple. Her number one style tip is that you have to dress in what is comfortable and practical. This is something I took too long to learn. Sometimes, I still try and over complicate what I am wearing. Luckily, I see myself in the mirror and then take something off (one of my mom’s top-tips for minimalism is to always take something off before walking out of the door).
With denims, neutrals are your friends. Especially when you are wearing distressed denim. Denim becomes the feature/focus point when everything else is worn to accentuate it. You will see that Chung normally wears either a tee shirt or a button up, paired with a simple jacket or jersey.

I realised that she barely ever wears sneakers. Not to mention, socks.  You will see Alexa’s shoes of choice will be sandals or pumps, with exposed ankles (this is if she’s not barefoot). This highlights her femininity and her perfectly long legs.
BUT, when she does wer sneakers, it’s one of the classics. Converse, Vans, Supergas. You know. Those sneakers that have always been and will always be in style.

This girl does not do fad-fashion, she’s definitely on top of trends, but she knows who she is, what style suits her body and her personality. And she goes with it.
That’s what I am trying to say.
She found something that is so true to her, her personality and style and she wears it with conviction and confidence. Although she obviously wears other items, she rocks these jeans with anything above the hips.
So, find those jeans that make you feel confident and sexy. Those jeans that make your legs look super long and skinny, but doesn’t sit so tight that you struggle to sit down. Those jeans that make you feel cool and classy at the same time. Those jeans that you can wear to your bestie’s bachelorette as well as to meet your new in-laws and feel good on both occasions.

It must be the best thing in the world to not have to take 7 different jeans into the try on rooms.
On an unrelated note:
I have moved back to the 19th century. The Cell tower in our area had fallen over and broken with some massive winds over the weekend, so guess who has no cell service and no WiFi? Yep. Me. Do you know what it’s like to have to actually try and remember the name of the song that played on the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, without being able to Google is? Damn hard.
I literally drove into town and set myself down at the only restaurant with free Wifi to upload this. And to actually do some work!
So, if I am quiet. That’s the reason.
Anyway, hope you find that jean that hugs you like no-one has hugged you before.
Love. AndyBee xxx


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