I met Ash while doing my post-grad in Cape Town in 2016. We were grouped together for one of our major projects and besides having her Microsoft Word open, she would always have another blog or magazine website open – scrolling through the newest fashion alongside her school document. I just thought she is the coolest ever.
I also remember sitting behind Ashleigh in class and seeing her laptop screen open on Superbalist. Scrolling through those shoes that none of us had the guts to wear yet. You know, those “dad-sneakers” that are top fashion now. Yep. She saw them coming.
That’s Ash.
She is always the first to try something that us mere mortals will only be wearing in a year’s time. She laughs when Brad asks her “what the hell are you wearing today?” and she lets me know that she saw that I was wearing a top that I had made the previous weekend. She can also draw boobs on her tee shirt and wear it like it’s a designer piece. Such a genuine girl with a hell of an adventurous taste in fashion.
She’s the definition of some-one with style. It showcases her personality and is so relevant, yet timeless at the same time.
So, I have been spending a full day trying to do like a “three things I love most about her style” or something. But that has been a near impossible task. There’s just too much diversity and creativity in her style.
Let me just show you what I mean.

Diverse, right?
Now check her shoes:
Her shoe-style is to die for. She is a sucker for an ankle boot. I’m not talking about a boring plain old black ankle boot. I mean snake skinned or cowboy or velvet or lace up or pointed or heeled… and she has a very versatile way of wearing them. Be it with some skinnies, flares or with a flowy dress. 9/10 times her shoes will be the item that steal your eyes.
Her accessories are worth a mention too:
Those bags! And that ring!

The things that I can list are what I learn from Ashleigh:

1. Experiment. And do it with conviction.

2. Blogs and online shops are classrooms, too.

3. Strike a pose.

4. Ankle boots are your friend.

5. Wear whatever the hell you want.

So, if you want to see more of Ash’s inspo – her Instagram is here. Just so you know, her best outfits are often on her stories.

AND she often has closet sales where she sells some of her most amazing clothes (at great prices, might I add) and she also does clothing collections for the less fortunate. So keep an eye on her posts and stories so you don’t miss out.
So ja. Another girl from my life who has inspired me a lot. And still does.
That’s it from me for today.
Let me know if there’s a girl like us that you know of, who has great or a unique sense of style from which we all can draw some inspiration!
Have a great weekend babes!
Andy Bee xxxxx


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