Pip Edwards is a fashion powerhouse. She has a style like no other girl I have ever come across in real life or on the internet.

Sure, she is the founder and owner of one of the coolest, trendiest active wear brands out there (PE Nation). So, I guess she has all those cool clothes to her disposal, but, it’s what she combines with her active wear that is so unique.

Jeans, oversized logo football shirt and killer heals – absolutely. (This photo is where I first noticed Pip and just fell in love with her style. It’s actually Pierre who “introduced” me to her.)

Windbreaker jacket and very wide flare pants – SO here for it. (Also known as Pip’s business power suit)

90’s style baggy sweatpants with worn out sneakers and a fitted blazer – why not.

Tight sequenced dress and Converse – hell yeah.

And she easily combines a nice Louis Vuitton clutch with her sweats – no big deal (yes, it is)

I can’t imagine being dressed in anything more comfortable? She has mastered the one thing us girls all dream of: going to work in sweats and being on fire doing so.

So, the trick to this is to NOT look like:

  • You have been netflixing all day and probably have a piece of popcorn in your bra.
  • You haven’t done laundry in 24 days and don’t have anything in your closet besides your high-school tracksuit.

Making this look work, you are still polished, but just have these one or two elements of 90’s athleisure comfort. It should add an edge to your look, ENHANCING your other details, rather than making them look out of place. If you can nail that balance, you are fashion gold. And will be for a long time (athleisure is here to stay, girls)

It’s all about attitude and confidence. Can you imagine if Pip was shy or scared of what people thought of her one-of-a-kind style? This is not a style you do half-heartedly. If you decide to combine what we always thought to be two different styles, you have to rock it.

Like Pip does.

(also, how cool is the name, Pip?)

So babygirl. Don’t let your brother throw out his school rugby shirt, wash it 10 times and wear it with heels.

Or don’t actually. Just go buy yourself a football shirt from the men’s department. That will save you time on washing.

Andy xx

PS- What do you think of my new blog layout? Sweet, huh? Blogger to WordPress helped me with it. They were just incredible.

All images via Pip Edwards' Instragram page (@pip_edwards1)

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