This has been the longest that I haven’t posted in a while – I am solidly going to claim the excuse of “I was packing up my whole life (which all fits in the back of a bakkie) and moving across the country”. Pierre and I drove down on Monday, arriving here on Tuesday. I am such a weird 20-something-year old. I am not used to the city! My heart was beating so fast with all the cars and people when we got here! Anyway, I know all the excitement of being back in my favourite city will take over soon!

So, we have a solid week and a bit before heading on holiday. So LOTS to do. Or I thought it was a lot to do and only ended up going for a run in the mountains and having lunch in Stellenbosch and before I knew it, the day was over. And that’s pretty much on the agenda of what will happen over the next week. Brunching and moving in. And going to the beach of course.

I don’t know why I love what I wore today so much.  It’s basically my uniform: jeans, plain black top and a lekker belt. Whenever I pack my bag, even if it’s just for one night, I always pack this then I know I have something to wear. Except the shoes, that’s not uniform – they made me feel fancy and I needed to feel fancy today. Although I have to take them off while driving. So yes, I am that girl who gets out of the car barefoot and then puts on her shoes.

Basically. This outfit is the perfect base for anything. Add an air-hostess scarf or a hat or some jewels or even heals and you have a look for any occasion!

So excited for a girls weekend back in the city! My girl, Alise, is getting married in January and we have the ultimate celebration weekend ahead of us. Damn, I can’t wait. I’ve missed my friends.

Until next time. I am now first going to eat my weight in Thai Cafe.

Love always,

Andy B xxx





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