This weekend has been crazy (good). I have to go fetch this story on Friday where, after trying to grow my hair for ten years (and finally reached the length I wanted), I decided to chop it off. I was semi nervous, but fully excited! The only people I trust with my hair these days is HAND (short for Have A Nice Day) Hair Salon, so I have waited a few months to get to Cape Town to visit Jarryd and Andrew at HAND.

BEFORE the chop

Worth it.

I as so beyond excited about this chop. I feel like a new person.

AFTER the chop

I asked Jarryd to do a nice blow out for me (and he did a great job), but it just didn’t look like me. I think the short cut PLUS the fancy blow out was just one too many for me. So, Pierre and I drove to Camps Bay, I  laid on my stomach on the wall of the tidal pool, dunked my hair in some lekker salty water and I was happy.

I literally smelled like seaweed for the rest of the day, but my hair was full of perfect beach waves.

So, after the whole cutting my hair and changing my life thing, we started the weekend’s celebrations. Mojitos at The Grand to celebrate the bride to be. Fitted in a jean short (Zara – recent), tank crop (Cotton On) and platform sandals (Zara), I was having the time of my life. Besides walking in The Grand’s sand with these sandals. That was nearly impossible but I pretended that I was totally comfortable. No-one was looking at me anyway. They all had their eyes fixed on the blonde girl with the pink top and million dollar smile. That’s Alise btw.

so, we had couple of drinks at a couple of places after sundowners and then ended up having some dodgy chicken wings at Frankys at 2 in the morning when we were all starving.

While eating these chicken wings, all I could keep thinking was that scene in the movie Anchorman where they served “bats, chicken of the cave”. Dodgy, but needed. (I’m gonna keep this photo as small as possible not to spoil your evening)

Just so damn happy to be with my friends again.

Here’s a more accurate representation of us and tannies who literally shamed us with their energy and ability to drink wine at 9 in the morning:

And that was pretty much Friday. More about this weekend to come.

PS- a couple of you guys requested more ‘lifestyle’ or ‘personal life’ content and to ‘mix it up’ (I probably over used the ” here – but what’s done is done). So yes, more lifestyle and less fashion focused today.

Let me know if it’s a yay or nay.

Andy xxx


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