It’s not every weekend where you drive around Cape Town in an old vintage convertible with flowers overflowing on the back seat.

It does, however, happen when you have just picked up your best friend for her kitchen tea and are on your way to the Belmont Mount Nelson for high tea. High tea that turned into champagne that turned into wine that turned into cocktails that caused us and the bride to be to be late to her own bachelorette. And not by 20 minutes. By an hour and a half.

So, Alise and I drove around Cape Town while it felt like every single car hooted at us. I know it’s not because of my driving (I am the best driver in the Southern Hemisphere), it’s probably just the first time anyone has seen the botanical gardens in the back of a convertible with two girls singing at the top of their lungs.

The afternoon at the Belmont Mount Nelson was magical. There was just so much love for this amazing woman that will be getting married in January. Friends and family coming together to celebrate over a glass or five of wine. I wore my flare jeans from H&M with some pointed heels from Zara. The theme was “with a touch of pink” and since I barely ever where pink, I was so lucky to find the cutest off-the-shoulder top from Dreamland Vintage just off Kloof Street.

Alise, on the other hand, was wearing this classy white dress that her mom had made for her. We all wrote and drew on the dress through the course of the afternoon. It was such a beautiful idea. Having everyone add to this artwork.

I laughed so much when I finally looked at my pictures of the weekend and saw this photo of me that my bestie Anni-Mart took of me while I was seriously hangry. I can remember exactly how I felt when she took this photo. Shame, she’s just trying to take some photos for me for the blog and then I just wasn’t feeling it. I am so sorry for her that she had to look at this face of mine for a good while until I got some food in my stomach. Which was only way later that night!

So like I said, we were totally (not even just fashionably) late for Alise’s bachelorette, but that didn’t slow us down and before I knew it 5 of us were walking down Main Road in Sea Point at 3 in the morning looking for some chips as I was still hangry.

We ended the weekend with a catamaran taking us to Clifton. Sun, the sea and my surrounded by my girls. We just spent the day on the water, chatting about nothing and everything. Just happy to be together.

It was just what I needed before the hectic week ahead. Moving in, admin, photoshoots and the launch of Pierre and my active streetwear brand, BURNT STUDIOS.

I am exhausted, but happier and more excited than ever!

If you want to go check out our new brand, go to our Instagram (here) and our website (here). We are open for Pre Orders that will be shipping early January next year.

I am typing this from my bed in Luderitz, Namibia. Tomorrow we will be heading into the desert dunes for 5 days of no-signal and no-people. I am looking for forward to catching up on some sleep, watching how the boys catch fish and catching some much needed sun.

So this is me signing off for a couple of days.

Cheers girls. Chat soon. xxx

PS: All kitchen tea photos is from the seriously talented photographer, Alecia from Studio A. How beautiful are her images? She captured the whole afternoon perfectly.



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