My first post of 2019. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted! I have been trying to get around to it for the past like two weeks, but I have had an INSANE time! and yes, I am not exaggerating. What happened in the last month really was insane. As insane as starting your own clothing brand, but more about that in a next post. (Just going to throw a quick warning in here: this is going to be a lengthy post, I just realised I have a hell of a lot to say!)

So, first of all, I took a small break from the whole blogging thing for the December holidays. I just wanted to enjoy spending time with my family and take my mind completely off work. Yes, I love blogging and writing and fashion and photos, but I knew that I would just be so much more excited (and ready) for the year to come if I gave myself some time to miss it.

During the holidays we spent just under a month in Namibia, which is my mom’s home country. I swear I know Namibia better than I know South Africa! Until I was like 13 years old, I wasn’t aware that you can take holidays where you are not strapped in the middle backseat of your parent’s car, between your two brothers who are constantly wrestling over you, driving for days on end through incredible landscape and sleeping under the stars. So, going to Namibia feels a little (a lot) like going home.

So, we started our trip driving two solid days to a small town called Luderitz. This is the old mining town in Namibia and it’s fascinating. We, however, only spent one night there as we were heading into our property that we have about 70km North of Luderitz in the Sperrgebiet. There’s nothing but incredible landscape there. This is where hundreds of kilometres of sand dunes meet the icy Altantic. Only a small little cabin-like house. No people, no cell signal, nothing. It’s incredible.

Yes, that photo is of me in my pajamas on the beach with a glass of wine. I was patiently waiting for the boys to pull out some crayfish. As you do.

We spent about 5 nights there. Just resting and eating.

We then headed North to where we will ultimately end up in Henties Bay where my mom’s side of the family meet every second year. Just to give you an idea – my mom is one of seven children. All of them married, with kids. With many of said kids having boyfriends or girlfriends that come along. Not to mention the ones who are married with even more kids! I mean we are two full rugby teams all living in one house! It’s absolute chaos, but my favourite time of the year.

Okay, but back to the middle part. We stopped at Kolmanskop which is the coolest abandoned ghost time from the mining boom in Namibia. It’s that place where the abandoned building have been covered and filled with sand dunes. It was ridiculous. So ridiculous that I am writing a full post about it next. But here’s a small peak

We then drove to Sossusvlei which really is as beautiful as the pictures show it to be. My family walked up that massive dune, but Pierre and I decided to go look for Dooievlei (Dead Vlei). AND I LOST HIM! Like seriously. Long story on how, but there I was in the middle of the desert, far from all the other tourists and cars… tears streaming down my face, imagining that either me or Pierre will never find the way back again. Yes, dramatic, I know. But I was so thirsty. Meanwhile I was about a 200m walk from where EVERYONE was and Pierre found me, confused about why I am crying.

Anyway, we finally found Dooievlei and it was magical. We also found my family who climed that massive dune and also found Dooievlei without even having to cry!

I truly recommend everyone and anyone to give it a visit. Even with many people there, you can barely see anyone because there’s so much space.

We stayed at Desert Quiver Camp, which is a mere 3,8 kilometres (I know specifically as I ran there and back for my morning jog) from the Sossusvlei gate. It was such a treat. I have rarely ever been to a dreamier sunset destination. You can see we only had eyes for the pool as these are the only photos I have of the place.

Fast forward a little and we camped at Spitzkoppe for one last night before meeting the family in Henties Bay. We explored these insane and unusual rocks before lighting a fire and enjoying the quiet of the night.

So, back to the house full of people. 33 of us to be exact. I say it again – all. living. in. one. house. I have more friends on my family holidays than I do in real life haha.

Well, to be honest, If I am going to start typing now about all the things we did and spoke about (and ate) I will be typing for seven days and seven nights. So I will spare you that and just mention that we did a lot of cool stuff, including challenging the big family next door to our annual volleyball tournament and losing for the first time (my very competitive family took it surprisingly well), all our cousins went camping in a dry river bed one night taking 6 full cars for one small camping trip, we did not catch the winning fish or any fish at all in the annual fishing competition and we had a Vegas themed new years party (I did this whole American Hustle vibe and Pierre was this greasy guy you’d probably come across there somewhere) with live music and the works. I danced so much I was stiff the next day.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to write this instead of going head first into fashion stuff again. I guess I’ll put this is the Travel section of the blog. I also did not plan on writing so much, but you know, my little fingers were just typing away and when that happens there’s not so much I can do about it to stop them.

All I am going to say now is cheers to summer December holidays and giving us hope and energy for the new year to come. I know we are like almost in February, but since this is my first post of the year I am allowed to be corny.

Andy xxxxx

PS: my cousin’s baby girl is my spirit animal: she sat like this for a good 10 minutes. totally happy.



  1. Lize
    January 23, 2019 / 10:47 am

    Loveeeee hierdie! Flip, ek gaan nou my familie oortuig vir ‘n Namibs vakansie. So mooi foto’s!! See you soon hopelik xxx

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