I haven’t done this in a while.

I am not even sure if you guys like to see/read it. But, some things I just have to share. Many pretty photos of people wearing pretty things, But, mostly images that made me feel something: Be it inspired, motivated, nostalgic, moved or left in awe. Sometimes words that I find relatable or funny. I just feel that more people should see them. Here they are. I hope you find them as beautiful as I do.

This is Kirsty Godso. I have her in each and every of these similar posts. Damn, this girl has something in her that I struggle to define.

She posted this at the end of last year as a reflection of her year. What she learned. I found it very powerful:

1. If it costs you peace, it’s too expensive.

2. Make a new choice – Don’t give in to complaining, self doubt or self limiting thoughts and conversation.

3.Don’t make assumptions.

4. Your body is the most expensive thing you will ever own so don’t compromise on it.

5. It’s never too late to say you’re sorry.

6. Don’t put yourself on the sale rack then get mad at the buyer. Be responsible for setting your worth and fighting for it. (I had to put this in bold – it’s the truest thing I have ever read)

7. Take the risk.

8. Don’t be so temporary. Every moment is precious and accumulates to the next.

9. Be the fire that burns inside out.

Kirsty Godso

This is one of the talented Kelly Maker’s edits. She is the original artist who started these beautiful overlays. When I need to look at something pretty, I just head over to her page. She’s incredible.

Claudia Schiffer walking Fendi 1995 is such a vibe.

Since reading this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I have thought about this story so many times. I can just picture this pup, terrified, but determined to make sure that this baby girl is safe. We really don’t deserve dogs.

VB just doing everything right, once again. If there has ever been a pant-suit to own (even just admire). This is the one.

I have mountains of respect for this woman. Think about it. Yes, when she started her fashion label, she already had money and was famous and had a famous husband… But can you imagine how hard she must have worked to be taken seriously and not just as a “pop star trying something new” or as David Beckham’s young wife.

Like all other designers, she built her label and credibility from the ground up. But she also had to break down any other opinions people had of her. And she did a hell of a job. I love her. Unashamedly.

This is Daniela Canny and she’s South African! How beautiful is this image?

She looked at him like she just realized what love is.

Makes me miss the South of France and the week I spent with Pierre eating croissants and swimming in icy, clear waters.

Pant suit edition 2. I can’t believe a baggy suit can look this insane. Damn Rihanna. She came a long way from her Pon de Replay – days. I would feel pretty damn fine in this brown ensemble.

Needed to hear this. Need to apply this.

This is me and my best Anni-Mart. We were either second or third year and this is my favourite photo of us ever. Didn’t have a care in the world. We were just happily sitting on the boys res’ bar. Chatting and jetting to some tunes.

Those were the days. Not like these aren’t the days. I just don’t see my girl as often as I would like to. So I guess I just want to be 20 again for a few hours with my bestie living across the street from me.

I have a couple more but will leave them for next time.



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