There’s only one thing sweeter than seeing “your order has been shipped” and that is to find something in store that you LOVE and then seeing that it’s on sale. I have to be honest, normally, in-store sales aren’t really my thing. I never really find anything because I tend to get there when all the good stuff has been sold and all that’s left are these masses of clothes, nothing is organized anymore and if I happen to find something I really like, they never have my size!

But, last week the stars aligned and I had two luck shots in one day!

I saw this pants that I am wearing on one of my friends and LOVEloveLOVED it. I am a sucker for some long, flare-ish pants and the pants had these funky (I haven’t used that word since I was 12, but it seems to be the best description of what i want to say) neon orange tags on the hems! It’s very construction worker-meets-70’s-bossgirl and I am so here for it.

Anyway, I heard it was from Zara and I was in the Waterfront anyway… and it was almost half price. My heart skipped a beat, I grabbed my size and ran to the teller before I could convince myself I don’t need it as I have way too many long pants and almost no short pants and it’s ridiculously hot in Cape Town at the moment. I do not regret this at all. I am in love.

So, I mixed the old with the new, added my oldest crop top in my closet (it’s literally 5 years old) and my suede platform Supergas and I was set.

Oh, and my cute hand clutch is from my beautiful friend Alise’s wedding! She gave all her bridesmaids these specially handmade clutches from Masch to keep all our goodies throughout the wedding. She made sure we had enough storage place for our lipsticks and snacks as our dresses had these heavenly deep pockets as well! What a girl.

I’ll show you what other jewel of a shirt I managed to find on an H&M sale on the same day in a next post (it’s a beaut, can’t wait to wear it). I have decided to make more of an effort to really search for items that I love and can hopefully pick up for a bargain as in the past I have bought many things that I later realise I don’t need and really don’t love. Especially since I am on a tight budget after starting Burnt.

And (I have to admit) my tight budget is probably because of all the wine dates I’ve had from being so excited of being back in Cape Town! I can’t believe how many cool cafes and coffee shops and bars and things this city has! It must have doubles since I last lived here in 2016. I’m not complaining, though. I literally cannot resist a cute cafe.

Truest thing I have ever read was:

“Where did all your money go?”

“I’m either wearing it, or I ate it.”

Literally me.

Have an amazing weekend and happy end-of-January! (How long was this month?)

Andy Bee xxx

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