Why is it that it can simultaneously feel like January has been the longest month in the history of time and also like it was Christmas like 2 days ago? This year started with a bang and have been like one constant bang for a month (not sure how my metaphor is, but it will do). Pierre and I had our first ultimate lazy Sunday and I forgot how good it feels starting a Monday actually quite rested.

Okay, so I say it was a lazy Sunday, which it was, besides my 16km morning run. I decided on this run on Friday before I know it was going to rain all day and for the first time in my life I didn’t let the gloomy weather get the best of me. I put on my tekkies and just convinced myself “the rain will stop soon”. It didn’t. But I guess the chilly weather was the reason for my run being easy. That and the hectic (unplanned) carbo loading I did the day before by eating chips and popcorn by the handfuls all day.

Anyway, after sleeping in until 10am and taking a 3-hour nap in the afternoon and not doing much else throughout the whole day, we decided to end our weekend on a high note. We put on some gangster rap and drove up signal hill for the sun to come out for the first time that day.

Damn our city is majestic. It’s just so easy to find a beautiful spot! I mean, where else can you sit on the top of a (small) mountain and watch the sun set over the ocean on one side then walk through a small forest and watch the city lights come to life on the other side?

Taking this half an hour on Sunday evening really set the tone for this week to come. There’s nothing like some fresh air and gangster rap.

We ended watching the city lights much longer than we did the sunset. And Table Mountain was obviously being super cool with its blanket of clouds chilling at the top.

I think it’s evident that I just jumped in the car for a quick sundowner and didn’t think of fashion blog post potential, so I am wearing my trusty Zara mom jeans, a plain grey sweater with a hole burnt in the sleeve and Pierre’s vintage Levi’s jean jacket. I quickly swopped shoes with Klara for some photos and suddenly I looked kind of effortless cool girl instead of I was actually kind of almost in bed. How awesome are these loafers? They are MR PRICE! (I know, I was as shocked as you are probably now).

Also, how HOT is my boyf?

OH and I almost forgot, my glasses are from Hello Bril (well, the frames are, the physical lenses are from my life long optometrist which I am not sure is necessary to mention here haha). They have an amazing selection of very very cool and trendy frames and they are affordable!

I am damn happy. Living in this city. Being close to everyone I have really missed.

What a way to start Feb.

Wishing all of you the best last 11 months of 2019 😉

Love always, Andy B xxx


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