Every year I am broke by the 15thof February. Because it’s after hell-week. Let me explain to you what I mean by “hell-week”: on the 8this my and Pierre’s anniversary (this year was 5 years), then on the 11this Pierre’s birthday and then we’ve obviously got Valentines day on the 14th.

So, it really isn’t hell-week, we just like to call it that because it sounds cooler than like “love-week” or something. 

We went to Hermanus for the anniversary part of hell-week. We actually really needed the break from the apartment as we work and live and everything there, so chilling by the pool in the scorching sun was just perfect. We were even too lazy to cook. And that’s very rare for me as I want to eat all the time!

We arrived Thursday afternoon with our anniversary being the Friday.

Pierre was just so sweet in his very understated, chill way. He woke me up and literally carried me out of bed. This was at like 6h30. He said he was too excited and couldn’t sleep anymore. Anyway, he took me to the veranda and there we had cappuccinos that he made as appetizer with two boxes of surprises! Main meal was a massive bowl of Otees and champagne. 

Best breakfast I have ever had.

And best gifts I have ever received! Beautiful gold hoop earrings and a fine chain for my neck. I am obsessed.

We spent the whole day chilling and reading by the pool, drinking gin and tonics and listening to the most gripping podcast ever (It’s called Serial. Do yourself the favour. You will be hooked. Season 1 is the best though).

Late lunch was steak and watermelon as I was too lazy to even put some potatoes in the oven or to make a salad. Pierre stepped up with the braaing though.

Dinner and sundowners were on the waterfront of Hermanus. Two x calamari starters please. We’re still full from lunch but cannot NOT have anniversary dinner. 

I was so amped to wear my gifts! I paired it with my beautiful cowrie choker and gold cowrie bracelet from xo-the brand, my watch from Freedom of Movement and some other gold bracelets. As you can probably tell, I am super into gold accessories at the moment. I kept my outfit simple with a white tube top (Factorie has nice ones at the moment) and my trusted pair of jeans. My sandals are Country Road that I bought on sale a while back. 

The sunset was as beautiful as every single sunset over the ocean but was sweeter than ever with my babe with me after 5 whole years. Time flies. 

I made a story on Instagram with all our anniversary photos over the past years and thought I would love to share it on here! We look so different in each photo. I went through like 8 different hairstyles and colours and Pierre had Movember for a year!

So here it is: The trip down memory lane:

The day after we became official bf/gf
One year. This is taken on Chapman’s Peak
Tjing Tjing Rooftop bar on our second anniversary
3 Years. Seeing Pierre for the first time in months. Long distance sucks, am I right?
Four. This is when we were working in Botswana but was lucky enough to be on leave for hell week.
FIVE. We look so grown up…

Here’s to 5 years, babe. From shitty Instagram filters to many adventures.

And many more.

Andy xxx


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