Xenia Adonts is the reason I cut my hair short. I have been following Xenia for a couple of years and always thought she was cool and had good style, but since she cut her hair I am pretty much watching her every move. I know that Xenia cutting her hair wasn’t the reason she caught my attention, it just happens that she SERIOUSLY upped her style (from already being top notch to something that leaves me in awe) at the same time…and now I associate her coolness factor with her short hair.

I sometimes just scroll through her feed for fun. Looking at what she puts together literally gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside. I am literally impressed with each outfit and I want to give her a virtual high five for having the vision to put all those elements together!

The way I see it is that Xenia has to guts to try new and different things, but has this way of keeping it classy and stylish. I would never say she looks weird “but it’s okay because it’s fashion”. I genuinely think she has such a unique eye for creating something unique, but timeless.

She is the queen of earth tones, which she loves to break with a pop of neon (which I am obsessed with).

I do this thing where I go way down to the first couple of posts of some-one’s Instagram. I promise it’s not weird. I do this with people I admire. I find it so inspiring to see where they came from, how they started and how they have hustled to get where they are today. It just gives me insight into all the work they have put in and it gives me new energy to give my venture all I’ve got.

So it’s no surprise that I did my little exercise with my favourite fashion blogger (Xenia obv). That must have been one of the most eye opening things I have ever done. I could hardly believe that I was looking at the same girl that I have gotten used to seeing. Yes, she has always been beautiful, but her style, personality and how she carries herself is something different.

It’s weird how seeing these images of young Xenia made me believe in myself even more, but it did. It just puts everything in perspective again and helps me to not compare myself, my blog and my career with some-one at the peak of theirs. She also started somewhere. Just like I am.

One last thing about this cool girl. I can tell that she’s not pretentious. Her personality absolutely shines through on so many levels, especially with her massive smile and her funny Instagram stories. Her’s are the only ones I don’t mute.

I urge you to make your day and go follow her on Instagram here. You will love her.

And give my trick a try. Take some-one whose career inspires you and scroll all the way down to their first posts (just make sure you are connected to WiFi haha. It might take a while). Just see where they came from, then appreciate where you are and then let it inspire you to work to where you want to be.

Remember: “You’re not a minute behind schedule. Her’s is not your blueprint to follow.” – Paraphrased from Savannah Locke.

You have no idea how much I needed to write this. I’m now even more inspired myself.

Love always,

Andy Bee xxx



  1. February 22, 2019 / 2:05 pm

    🤩🤩 looove her style! And that light reflecting/metallic orange and purple outfit she wore during NYFW was just amazing!

    PS: I also scroll alllll the way down. Sometimes I’m disappointed when they’ve deleted their first photos – like their ashamed of their beginnings 😢, but it’s the best when you find the real deal on there! 👏🏼😍

    • andriana
      February 22, 2019 / 2:14 pm

      I know right!? She’s one of the only people who could pull off that outfit! She’s my fave!

      Haha so it’s not just me? I know. But I promise you- it’s like striking gold with Xenia haha

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