This past Friday Pierre and I were invited to the opening of the coolest, vibey-est place in Stellenbosch. It’s called The Meeting Place and is situated in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. The Meeting Place is exactly what Stellenbosch needs at the moment – it is relaxed enough for a good meal (the food is amazing and they do brekkie, lunch, dinner and everything in between) and vibey enough for a lekker kuier with ice cold beer and good wine.

Just to give you an idea: They have a DJ booth for the evenings and then for breakfast serve anything from gourmet french toast or eggs benedict to a selection of cereal (I mean, is there anything better than Otees for breakfast?).

Not to mention the interior (and exterior!). This old, Kaaps-Hollands building has taken on new life with raw woodwork and a very colonial feel. And plants hanging from the roof. They could literally not have done anything better. Just have a look at some of the photos I took before all the guests arrived.

After these photos I literally got too distracted and enjoyed everything so much I didn’t take any more photos! Except this one of me and the bf:

So, since this is my only photo and I loved what I wore, I shamelessly put on the same clothes yesterday and asked Pierre for a photo or two so that I can actually blog about my outfit as well as the cool-new-place-that-you-have-to-visit-in-Stellies!

The deets:

I’m seriously loving cargo pants at the moment, and these are in store at Cotton On NOW! They are also not of that heavy material that cargo pants are usually made from, but rather like the same material as those shwishy sweatpants we all wore in primary school. It has ALL the pockets though. So in love with it! And it’s not too hot not too cold for this time of the year…

The shoes are my trusty old Supergas which I can only wear when I know I will be sitting a lot throughout the day. They give me blisters if I walk more than a little in them – so just a word of warning if you ever look at the suede Supergas. They’re pretty, yes. And like my grandpa always said: “mooi maak seer, maar ons hou uit”. The words I live by.

My cute bag is from Zara (end last year) and is one of my favourite things which I don’t wear very often. You’ll be surprised how functional a plastic box bag is…

My cowrie choker and bracelet is from XO the Brand. I literally wear it all the time. Except when I swim or work out. The shells are gold plated and the gold will come off if exposed to chlorine or salt water (I learned that the hard way…). Other than that, I am wearing Pierre’s Ray-Bans (under his supervision), my watch from Freedom of Movement called the Alice and shirt and earrings from Zara.

I really loved this combination of baggy cargo pants and cute feminine accessories. Although my 15-year-old self would DIE if she saw me like this.

But, luckily she’s not here. Although I really wish I was 15 just for one day. I had to adult way too hard this past week.

I’m Out.

Andy Bee xxx


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