What’s up with this weather Cape Town? The current Netflix-and-chill weather is a pleasant change to over-heating summer days, but I am just crossing my fingers that it’s not here for good. If so, it’s going to be a long winter… and I suck at wintering. I need heat and sunshine to survive.

I’m not gonna lie, though. I liked dusting off some winter clothes and am really excited about the jackets that I have spotted in the shops’ windows! Give me a bulky jacket and you can be sure that I’m hooked.

Even though I dread the Cape winter with its days without sun and constant rain, I am seriously looking forward to some winter fashion! I haven’t worn winter fashion in years. Literally. Last year’s winter I was still working in Botswana at a lodge which meant that I wore my uniform shirt and fleece every single day, just changing up between 3 different khaki/brown/tan pants. The biggest fashion decision I made at that point was whether I should wear my khaki Vans or my Timberland boots. That’s it.

I was working from home today (although I would much rather just be cuddled under a blanket watching Friends for the thousandth time), so now you’ll see the view from my balcony! We look out over Signal Hill, with Lions Head and Table Mountain to the left with the city nestled in between. I absolutely adore this view over the city and often find myself just staring out for hours. Okay, minutes. Which is hours in city-time.

I went for one of my favourite combinations to wear today featuring a massive white button shirt and black jeans. I often wear a mens’ button shirt, but this one is from the ladies’ department at H&M although I am sure Pierre can fit in it as well haha. This works perfectly with a baggy jean jacket (I like it cropped) and some chunky shoes.

The hat actually wasn’t part of my initial outfit-plan, but I am having the worst of bad hair days, so instead of spending a frustrating amount of time in front of the mirror trying to fix the mess, I threw on the hat. And since it’s made from felt, it’s keeping me nice and warm as well!

In other news, I finally found some-one how was willing to sell me their Two Oceans half marathon ticket! I can’t believe that I am this excited to do manual labour! I just love having a specific goal that I train for. Instead of just working out for the sake of working out. Okay, yes, being fit is also a goal and I love how I feel when I am in a healthy routine. I just come from a very competitive family, so I think there’s a part of me that just need a good race every now and then.

I am currently doing the last 6 weeks of Runner’s World’s Advanced Two Oceans training program (if you are perhaps also training for it, find a novice and advanced program through this link). It’s tough, but I can really start feeling a difference in my fitness and my confidence for the race is starting to grow.

My goal for the race is to run between 1 hour 45min and 1 hour 50 min. My previous half marathon time was 1hour 55, so the competitive streak in me just HAS to beat that! I’ll let you know how it goes… I am confident though!

For now, I just have to keep myself warm and combat my negative attitude towards the winter with some awesome winter fashion (I’ll do a post about winter trends next! – my Pinterest and saved images on Instagram is literally a collection of winter-fashion-GOLD!)

XOXO Andy Bee


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