Jacket season is just around the corner! And I am excited! There are so many good styles and trends that we have seen from all the mystical-fashion-countries of the Northern Hemisphere and I am sure Mr. Zara and his friends all made sure that we will be getting all those beauties this side of the world.

I have actually not gone coat shopping yet (I am really hanging onto the last bit of summer as tightly as I can), but with what I have seen in store… I am really proud of my self control that I have not spent my whole food budget on pretty jackets. I am tempted though.

One jacket that I forecast will be dominating this season is the blazer (especially tweed, like your professor’s). I love how people are wearing it with a hoodie underneath. I just think it’s the coolest thing to break down this formal idea of the blazer with something as chill and gangster as a hoodie. My Pinterest is full of these images and I am just waiting fro it to be cold enough to layer these two items!

This is my mom’s jacket. I don’t have a sister, so don’t really know what it’s like to share clothes. I never even did it when I was in res. But every now and then I would borrow something from my mom when I am at home and I bored with my own clothes. Then, the absolute angel that my mom is, would say “you just look so much nicer in it than me! You have to take it!” and before I know it she packed it in my bag.

So this is one of my mom-specials. It’s from H&M and I am digging this school blazer-vibe. Takes me back.

Since it’s quite striking with these red and white stripes, I wear a very neutral outfit underneath. I opted for full black this time. Loved it. Will do it again.

I am, however, looking for a tweed jacket. Preferably second hand which I have to dry clean twice before I want to wear it (no, I am not a second hand/vintage hunter, I just want this specific look!). So if you know of one, HMU!

Otherwise, If you see anything cool HMU as well haha.

Also, I know I have been a bit quiet on here lately. Will get better at multi-tasking and not procrastinating. I guess sometimes I have so many cool ideas that it just overwhelms me I don’t do any of them haha.

Hope you guys have a great week and that you are emotionally getting ready for winter!

I know I’m struggling to.

Andy Bee xxx


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