Did you know that we had a little Central Park here in Cape Town? I am talking about the Company’s Gardens (or Kompanjies Tuine, it’s beautiful Dutch name). I vaguely knew about it before, but since moving down here at the beginning of this year into an apartment that literally looks out over the gardens, I have explored it little by little. And not only because walking through it is a short cut to Yours Truly on Kloof Street, because it’s actually quite peaceful and well looked after.

Yes, there are still people taking naps on the grass and sometimes there’s some-one who wants to sell his home made Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil to you, but mostly it’s filled with people who just want to escape the city for a half hour and chill in the sun. We even saw an albino squirrel once. No jokes. It was the weirdest combination of scary and cute, you’ve got no idea.

Not to mention the most amazing café/restaurant in the middle of the gardens! Hidden between the trees, you’ll find this sweet cafe with a lot of outside seating as well as a smaller (with very beautifully interior) inside seating area for the upcoming winter. Their staff was super friendly and the vibe is the chillest, most relaxed that you’ll find in the city.


(PS, that’s not my manly hand in the photo with the menu. It’s Pierre’s).

It also has those massive nests that people seem to love to take photos in, so if you are looking for a cool photo location…this is your sign. You can see one of them behind me in this photo.

They have quite the menu and might I say the most affordable cocktails that I have seen in the whole of Cape Town. I didn’t have one of these cocktails but judging by what we had, I am very sure their cocktails will be great. I had the Orange and Rooibos Spiced Tea with honey (incredible). It’s also enough for two people to share just so BTW. They also have a great selection of beer and wine. and cake.

Pierre and I just went there for a quick break from work over lunch time and stayed a little too long. I even converted this coffee-addict into (I wanted to say tea lover, but not yet) tea-enjoyer.

I felt super cute in my clothes! I felt very Western-inspired with the Brown-tones and high neck frill shirt. I just missed my horse and boots. But I guess people would then just have looked at me funny.

Although it seems like my pants and jacket was a set, I actually bought them at two different places at two different times. They just happen to match in colour EXACTLY. The only thing is that the pants (Zara) and jacket’s (Cotton On) buttons are different and it really only bothers Pierre, so we’re cool.

My shirt is from H&M and is another one of the items that I bought second hand, but feels new. My shoes are my old trustworthy Supergas. My watch is Freedom of Movement and my clutch is Masch.

Listen, go walk through our Company’s Gardens. If you walk on the road that goes straight down the middle and you get to the statue of Rhodes, just look around you and I promise you will spot it.

Their website is also very comprehensive and gives you a great idea of what you can expect, so check that our here. Go try it out this weekend.

You can thank me later.

Please do, though, let me know if you had tried it out! I’d really love that.

Love, Andy Bee xx


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