Ever seen some-one wear two jackets at once? I have. Actually I have seen it being a bit of a trend. So I tried it. I am not sure I pulled the look off exactly how I imagined it, but I think I am halfway there. I’ll try it again sometime, but for now, this is what I came up with.

What I figured out:

  1. The bottom jacket should have thin-ish sleeves.Mine was a but bulky so the top jacket was a bit tight on the arms. Or the top jacket should just have wider sleeves I guess.
  2. The bottom jacket should be short and the top jacket should be a coat.
  3. Mix the colours and textures.
  4. It works better when both jackets are structured. My top ‘flowy’ coat was a bit too flowy and feels like it ended up a little untidy.
  5. Make sure it’s cold enough for two jackets haha.

So, this is what I wanted to do:

See what I mean? It just needs a little more structure. But I’m super into the look so I’ll try it again! Next time with a structured camel coat and a jean jacket with fitted sleeves. This one of mine is like a cropped men’s jacket, so the sleeves are bulky.

Anyway, I had an amazing time yesterday.

I don’t know why Pierre and I don’t explore around Cape Town more often. I guess it feels like it will always be there, so we end up exploring other places first. But, lucky lucky, we had a sneaky public holiday on Wednesday so we couldn’t like go away for the weekend or something, but we were in the mood for a small adventure.

So, what do you do when you are in the mood for a road trip, but you only have one day and you still have to work a little in the afternoon? You still do a road trip. Just a mini one. It still has to meet the criteria, though – Leave a little too late because you have to have a proper breakfast first (check), ultimate road tunes (check), viewpoints (double check) and missing the offramp and then struggling to find a spot to turn around.

The whole area around Cape Town just astonishes me. I literally cannot believe it when we are driving through the city and then five minutes later we are driving with the ocean on our one side and this big beautiful mountain cliffs on our other. With no buildings in sight! I honestly don’t know how they (not sure who ‘they’ are) managed that the houses and buildings here have not completely taken over the mountains. I am grateful, though.

Pierre and I basically drove around Table Mountain. Starting in the city, over Kloof Nek, past Llandudno (damn I want a house there), through Hout Bay and then stopped on Chapman’s Peak for the most insane view. It seemed like the end of the earth as we couldn’t see anything in from of us besides the clouds. Just the mountain behind us. Beautiful.

One of my goals is to explore the environment that I am in more. It’s easy enough to say “I can’t afford to travel right now, so I’m just gonna chill at home the whole time”, but there really is a whole world to explore right on our doorstep. So that’s what I plan on doing.

I also plan on not talking to Pierre while he is taking photo’s because then I just end up like this:

I do, however, plan on taking more photos with this absolute hottie of a boyfriend of mine. Even if it has to be selfies.

Andy xx


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