Happy AF

After three LONGGG months I was finally reunited with my boyfriend Pierre, and in no other place than the French Riviera. It was my first time in this gorgeous part of the world and I might as well have stepped into a postcard. I have to be honest, I wasn’t a good tourist. I didn’t go to any monuments or museums, I didn’t go on any tours or learned any words other than “Bonjour” or “Croissant”. All I did was wander around the old parts of the towns of Antibes, Juan-Les-Pins, Nice and Monaco with my bf’s hand in mine, drank coffee at all the cafe’s that had anything under 2 Euro and lazed in the sun on Nice’s infamous pebble beaches.

But, this was all I wanted. Sometimes traveling calls for different styles, like in New York I don’t want to stop moving and exploring, but in the French Riviera I wanted to do the opposite. I guess I quite literally take on the pace of the place I am at that moment. It probably didn’t help that I was like a teenage girl, catching myself staring into the bright blue eyes of the boy next to me 95% of the time, completely forgetting where I am and concentrating on not drooling.


Denim on denim. Apart from actually seeing Pierre himself, I was most excited about wearing his vintage Levi’s jacket that he bought in Israel. I wore my mom jeans from Zara, a black velvet top and Pierre’s jacket. After walking though Nice for most of the day, we got a couple of beers and some fresh strawberries and sat on the rocks on the edge of the ocean until the sun set.

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The most incredible weather. Pierre and I headed to Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins for a solid beach day. We strolled through Antibes’ old town (which was my absolute favourite town btw) and headed to the beach of Juan-Les-Pins. There we found a place with a sundeck, yellow deckchairs and umbrellas and decided this would be our camping spot for the day. We spent the day napping in the sun, cooling down in the clearest water (who have not yet received the message that it’s already summer), chatting and catchup up on days spent apart.

Summer days call for bright colours and open shoulders. On Monday I wore my old trusted high waisted jean short that I had to patch with a flower after tearing it in a very competitive family volleyball game December. I paired this with my (now brown) platform Supergas, an It’s all lies, Darling crop top from The Lot and my floral scarf from Zara.

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We headed to Monaco for the day. It was two weeks before the Monaco Grand Prix and the whole city was littered with huge bleachers waiting for the thousands of spectators who will be watching this spectacle in a couple of days and the roads were already painted in the iconic red and white blocks. Even without the crowds, the whole setup was very impressive.

It wasn’t the first time that I wore this white outfit, but every time I wore it previously I got sidetracked from my blogging and never got some good shots! But with my handsome photographer boyfriend, I finally have some good quality shots showcasing this awesome white pinstriped wide-legged pants from Forever New. I wore it with a crisp frilly shirt from H&M. There’s just something about wearing something that you’re really comfortable in. This outfit gave me so much confidence and I loved wearing it so much!

Pierre looked sexy.

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Quite a gloomy day. The wind picked up, so we found shelter in the narrow streets of Nice’s old town (I just realised, while  typing this that we never went back for these amazing flavoured salt that I wanted to buy for my mum. damn). Nice’s old town is cheese and cured meat heaven. I am such a sucker for a good Camembert or Brie and some salami or parma ham. I was in a state of constant temptation. Especially with all those fresh croissants staring at me from all the viennoiserie counters.

I was in such a cheery mood and ended up looking like I was 6 years old and my mom dressed me for pre-school. I never wear pink, but that day I wore this in-your-face pink sweater from Pull&Bear with a flower scrunchy in my hair. To reduce the “my mom dressed me” look I wore Pierre’s badass Ray-Ban’s.

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We went all the way to ITALY for some fresh produce! We got a little sidetracked in the pop-up clothes market selling faux Louis Vuittons and some pretty cool sneakers, but managed to make it home with a hand full of asparagus, green beans and 2 peaches.

I wore some of my old trustworthies. My black jeans, Pierre’s jacket… but my super cute leopard print sandals from Country Road made their debut! Although I don’t think I actually got one photo of them. I guess it will have to remain a surprise until I blog about them next time!

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Saturday. Today.

I left Pierre in the beautiful Cote D’Azur while I am making my way to Thailand. It was one of the hardest goodbyes of my life.

But how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?


Till next week babes.

Love A B x

bomber jackets 101

The ultimate cool item in your closet, The bomber jacket. Every celebrity and street-style stars have been wearing these jackets this season – and for good reason. This will become your go-to staple item for this awkward half-winter-half-spring time and also then especially in the summer, (although we all have trouble admitting that summer does not always consist of 32 degree beach days) where we sometimes need something light to take the chill out of a windy summer night.

I found myself a floral bomber for a bargain and decided to wear it in an athleisure style. I kept it sleek with all black everything and wore it with an amazing black top from River Island. The top is basically a crop, but then has chunky netting down to the waist with an open back (it gives you the idea of those 90’s athletics shirts with the mesh). I finished my look with tight black jeans and my Adidas RMDs.

Bomber jackets have a way of adding an edge to your outfit. This can be done either subtly, with a soft champagne coloured bomber, or full on with a bomber covered in patches or embroided flowers. I have put together a little collection of style-inspiration. See how these girls pair anything from a crisp white button up shirt and jeans to loose flannels to  denim skirts.

Here are some of my favourite looks:

If you are wondering where you may find one of these Gems, go have a look in


Cotton On

Adidas Original


Do yourself a favour and invest in a bomber jacket for the season. You will never find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to wear ever again! (that might be a bit of an overstatement – but you know what I mean)…

May your ambition be on fleek this week.

A B x


fashion blogger envy – who to follow

I have been wanting to share this with you for such the long time! This is a post about the ladies that inspire me and essentially drive me to improve. I have so much respect for these bloggers, for the amazing content that they provide us and for their hard work in portraying the life of fashion in a beautiful way.


The Chriselle Factor

Chriselle Lim


As Chriselle Lim has just won the Blog of the Year at the 2016 Bloglovin awards, it obviously means that I am not the only one who is in love with her blog.

I especially love her fashion section in which she covers everything cool an chic, adding effortless class to all of her posts. Her outfits are a constant source of inspiration for me and she is definitely one of the best dressed people in this universe. She also uses flawless photos that are of very high quality, showcasing her outfits with intense detail, but it’s not only her great photos that makes her blog the best. She also writes very well. I feel that she doesn’t ramble on about irrelevant things. She writes to the point

Along with her top-class fashion posts, she has some great beauty and health tips.


Follow her on Instagram (here) – I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Gypsy Lovin Light

 Helen Janneson Bense


This is the blog with the most beautiful visuals.

Although this is a fashion blog, most of Helen’s photos revolve around the ocean. She has the ability to display her clothes and accessories in absolute coherence with her surroundings. The colours complement each other, the flow of her clothes reflect in the flow of the water and her statement accessories stand out against  the calmness of her surroundings. Continue reading “fashion blogger envy – who to follow”

best street style of NYFW spring 2017

With the New York Fashion Week being in full swing, I have decided to post my favourite street style looks so far.

I find most of my fashion inspiration in what people wear on a daily – the combination of comfort and class. Fashion is such a part of our everyday lives, a way in which we express our personalities, a channel through which we show who we are, how we feel and how we want the world to see us. I feel that it is such a personal thing and that you can tell so much from a person by the clothes they wear, however subtle it may be.

Fashion week (in this case, New York) has an unspoken, unofficial dress code. It is a week in which the city is taken over by people show casing their love for clothes, shoes and accessories. It is glamorous. It is trendy. It is absolutely inspiring.

When I first decided to write this blog post, I was trying to find some kind of “trend” that I can apply to the street style of NYFW – a colour palette, item, brand, hairstyle… However, I could not find any. Every person personified themselves by the clothes they chose to wear. From subtle nude tones to bright florals, 8-inch Louboutins to Yeezys, lace dresses to over sized t-shirts. All of these worn effortlessly cool.

I wanted to share my favourite street style looks with you today. I will be posting my my thoughts on the shows by the end of the week (hint: Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang…)

Here are the gems I found for this year’s fashion week.

A B x


what’s to come- my plans for september

With tomorrow being the first day of Spring, I am going to share my plans for the next month:

I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve, especially in terms of my own designs. With September being the month of spring, I have chosen the colour palette of the month to be  white, blue, grey and denim, paired with stripes and paisley. Details in my designs will include statement zips, buttons and bows.

I spent some time at the material shop this afternoon and stocked up on everything I would need. As you can see: buttons and blues.

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September tones
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Detailed metal zippers
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Buttons and ropes
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The fabric – the base of my spring designs

I will be basing my designs on a couple of street style photos I stumbled upon recently. I want everything to be light, feminine and flowing. From some cute crops, statement skirts and long, linen drawstring pants – the perfect items to kick start my summer!

You will be seeing a lot of me in these items, my curly hair left untamed and my skin sun tanned. I can’t wait for summer.

Stay tuned for post of my designs! I will be posting them as soon as I sew the last hem.

A B x

PS: My inspo for this month involves a lot of Natasha Oakley. Have a look.


inspiration nation – SHOWPO

Just a quick post about a brand that I have recently discovered and which I am drawing worlds of inspiration from: SHOWPO.

This brand is young, fun and very feminine and the clothes flattering and down right gorgeous. I stumbled across their page when Pia Muehlenbeck posted a photo of her wearing their clothes on her Instagram account. Since I am a major Pia fan and the outfit was so stunning, I just had to go have a look! I was not disappointed and I have filled my cart to the brim with all the things that I think I really can’t live without!

I have, however, not yet bought anything (student budget problems), but with my new part-time waitress job and some extra cash in my account I will soon be making my first purchase. I will, naturally, blog about it as soon as it arrives!

Go have a look at their online store and their Instagram account. They have the most amazing swimsuits, playsuits, dresses, skirts, shirts, accessories – you name it.

Here is a small glimpse of some of my favourites.


A B x

the queen of casual chic – olivia palermo

If you are as much as a Pinterest addict as I am, you will most definitely have seen Olivia Palermo pop up on most street style boards. She just manages to get it right in every single way.

Let’s have a look at her street style:


Keeping it simple is the key to Olivia’s inspirational street style. By adding a classy top and jacket to a casual pair of jeans, topped off with the sneakers of the season or a pair of edgy heels, you can do no wrong.


Soft colours and lines will never be out of style. She finishes off the outfit with a detailed belt and accessories, pairing a classy outfit with a pair of modern shades.

We can all learn from her. I know I do.

A B x




must have item #1 – the camel coat

I have an absolute style crush on an item – a camel coat. The colour, the texture, its timelessness,  the fact that it adds an element of sophistication to any outfit while keeping a hint of casual flare (you know what I mean).

After desiring a camel coat for years, I finally bought one from Topshop at the beginning of this winter. Every morning when I decide on my outfit for the day, I always end up going back to this coat of mine… It has been a constant struggle to not wear it every single day! Continue reading “must have item #1 – the camel coat”