My tips for when you have a long layover in London

Borough Market Shrimp WrapTate Britain Inside Lights InstallationTate BritainTate Britain Inside Lights InstallationI am finally home after 56 hours of travel.

Although I love traveling, it’s always good to be back home.

I did, however, managed to squeeze in a couple of hours in London between the 6 hour train ride from Richmond to New York, the 3 hours of subways, the 8 hour flight from New York to London, the 11 hour flight from London to Johannesburg, the 3 hour drive to our farm and the hours upon hours of waiting in between.

I wan’t planning on visiting London on this trip, but my tickets ended up leaving me with long layovers in London twice. So, I got a UK visa just incase I might want to leave the airport for some crisp Autumn air. I wasn’t sure whether I was actually going to use the Visa, I’m usually pretty tired after a long flight and could easily have stayed in the airport having a nap on my luggage, but I am extremely glad I did.

Coming back from New York, I had a 14 hour layover in London! Even though I had less than two hours’ sleep on the plane and I was a bit reluctant to go at first, we headed out to the heart of London. Taking the Heathrow Express train from the airport is the easiest way to go. It brings you to Paddington Station from which you can take the subway to almost anywhere in town. We got off at the Blackfriars stop and walked a short while to Borough Market.

Borough Market is where Jamie Oliver buys his ingredients from, and I can understand why! You can find the most incredible bread (which I definitely had a bit too much of), organic produce, fresh fish, cheese that looks a hundred years old (you know- the older, the better) and everything else you see in cookbooks that always seems impossible to find! But, what’s even better than the raw ingredients is the small individual stands of Fish and Chips, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Colombian Coffee, French Pastries, Spanish Paella, Thai Noodles, Greek Mezze and every type of cuisine that your heart may desire – all cooked by experts in their own fields.

Grab yourself something delicious to eat and drink, and join anyone at a table with a open seat for the feast you are about to have.

My tip for the Borough Market? Walk through the whole place first before making your food decision. You don’t want to end up with a food baby and the regret that you missed out on something.

Borough Market 1 .Borough Market 2Borough Market Meal

Borough Market Sign .  Borough Market Shrimp Wrap 1 . London 1Borough Market Shrimp Wrap 2Borough Market Shrimp Wrap Station

We dragged ourselves away from this heaven and walked on the banks of the River Thames, making our way in the direction of the London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

Apparently the city only gets 2 weeks of sunshine a year (which I find pretty depressing… only 14 days a year? crazy), but we were once again lucky to have a sunny day in London. This meant that the River Bank was full of people, making the most of the 12th last day of sun they are going to have this year. We walked past the Tate Modern as well as the Tate Britain and made our way inside both times, feeling very proud that we actually made it into an art gallery in one of the three cities we visited!

I would recommend the Tate Britain. With it being smaller and not on the tourist route, I enjoyed the calmness of it. I could take my time with Dali and Picasso. The coolest part of the whole gallery was this room they had where they give you a A3 sized blank paper and a pencil and you can draw to your heart’s content while a video of the artist, Hockney, played on the walls. I made a quick sketch of my all-too-loyal camera and my water bottle, quoted with a sentence I heard while the Hockney-video was playing.

Sketch in Tate


she never visits the lazy.


I just have a couple of tips for making a trip to the city when you have a long layover:

  1. Try to book your bags all the way through to your end destination. If you cant, there is a place that you can leave them securely for 11 Pounds per item. When you exit the arrivals after collecting you luggage, turn right, they are the last shop at the end of the building (right opposite a coffee shop).
  2. Don’t buy a ticket for the Heathrow Express at the baggage claim (they have a small stand there), buy it in the main arrivals terminal from where the train leaves – they give day travelers a special rate. Also, save yourself some trouble and buy your subway ticket here as well.
  3. Skip the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. It’s absolute chaos there! I actually got claustrophobic with the vast amount of people around me. Honestly, if you have seen these places of a Postcard, you have seen it all.
  4. Decide on one place or a small area that you want to see and savour every second of it. Don’t try to see the whole of London in one day. You have your next layover to explore a little more.
  5. On the 6th floor of the Tate Modern, there is a bar where you can have good coffee, tea, cake, beer, wine and small meals with an incredible view over London City.
  6. Save your hunger for Borough Market or some restaurant on the Thames between the Tate Modern and London Eye. There are some great spots.
  7. Make the effort to go. It’s much better than the airport.
  8. Lastly, wear comfy clothes for your flights, but pack a killer jacket for your day in one of the trendiest cities in the world.

About my outfit:

I have to be comfortable while I travel, especially when I have multiple legs on my journey. I was wearing a plain black top and plain black leggings with Adidas sneakers. In London, I had been in these clothes for longer than a day, so I just threw on the red vintage leather biker jacket that my bf, Pierre, found in a thrift store. I immediately felt like I was actually dressed up a little. Problem solved.

I will only be home ’til Wednesday. I am leaving for Namibia for my aunt’s 60th Birthday Party and will also be driving through Botswana with my parents for a couple of days after the party. I am looking forward to having my feet in the sand and dust on my face.

Speak soon.

A B xx


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I am sitting in my bed in the hotel in Paris. Finally. I am here. This is where it all begins.

I left Johannesburg last night and had a 10 hour flight to Heathrow. The lay over to Paris was 10 hours. There is no way that I would survive sitting on the airport waiting for 16:00 to arrive. So we took the Heathrow Express and 15 minutes later I found myself on Paddington Station. It is quite a couple of blocks to Portobello Road, so, with the weather being absolutely beautiful and my legs being restless from 10 hours on an airplane, the walk was such a treat. But first, Breakfast. I stumbled across the most beautiful, vibey and ON TREND cafe (Farm Girl). For all you gluten free-ers and vegans, this is the place for you. And for al you carnivores and coffee-lovers, this place is for you too.

Portobello Road is a gem. I saw too many things that I wanted/needed (trench coats, faux fur coats, real turquoise stone jewellery, leather boots, vintage Levi’s…) that I actually had to force myself to leave before spending all my money for the trip on the first day.

With the sun shining in London, it seemed like every single person needed to be outside. Kensington Gardens was full of runners, families on picnics, kids on scooters and an surprising amount of Pugs. I think I counted around 40 of the short legged, curly tailed pups. All very happy to feel the sun shine on their faces.

I think it might have been the first time that I saw a swan in real life. And that called for a celebratory glass of Prosecco on the edge of the water.

I didn’t even come close to seeing Big Ben or the Palace today, time caught up with me and before I knew it I had to head back to Paddington to grab the train to Heathrow to catch the plane to Paris. I will be back though.

Today I wore some of my old trustworthy items that I am sure I have already blogged about at some point and will probably blog about them again. But, I needed to be sure that I would be comfortable on my 24 hours of travelling and my quick pitstop in the Streets of London. These items include: my navy Country Road Jacket, scarf from H&M and pink beanie that Pierre gave to me as a gift. The only new item is a pair of pale pink sneakers from Country Road that has these awesome velcro straps like those shoes we wore when we were in pre-school….but super cool. I love them.

 I will be in Paris and New York over the next two weeks, blogging and eating and running and finding cool new spots. So, stay posted- there will be a lot more of these posts. 

It will be a major change of scenery from the rest of the year that I’ve had.. 

I just spent the last 3 months on our farm. My job was to restore the house that my great-grandfather built with his own hands. It’s the house that has been on our family farm since 1919, the house in which my grandfather was born and in which my dad has most of his childhood memories. It was a big task. Not only because the house required a lot of physical attention, but also because I had to do this simple, beautiful old farmhouse justice.

I did everything by hand. I installed, lights, doors and shelves. I painted floors, tables and cupboards. I drilled holes in the walls to hang paintings and mirrors. I put my heart and soul into this project.. and now it’s just about finished.

The reason for this restoration is because we will be opening it as a guesthouse very soon! People can come and spend a simple, relaxing weekend on our farm, hiking, biking, horse riding, swimming and mostly resting.

I am also just finalising the last details on the website and will be publishing it very soon for all of you to see. Just to give you an idea of what it will be, have a look:

A B x